Day-700-Freewrite Friday I Have Chicken 🐔

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: I have chicken

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I have chicken but they ain't alive, it's fried. We stopped at Cracker Barrel on our way to Nebraska and picked up a couple of fried chicken dinners, Debbie got a couple of breasts and I picked up a four piece meal deal with two sides. It was so much food we both had leftovers. We love leftovers, I never turn down finishing up those tasty meals that were so good the first time. We spent some time with Debbie's parents today, then we took them and her sister to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. More leftovers for this weekend! Who else likes leftovers?

Story by Bruni
Today I fought my battles with my Water Splinter and made it to Gold II. I received a much needed gold foil quest reward card today.

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I like leftovers because they're already made, and just need to be warmed up, or some can be eaten cold.

Yes, cold works too @free-reign

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You've had chickens and you ate them, how would many of them feel now in heaven 😁 😂

Here with the weekends freewrite prompt

Twisting my bangle,
check this prompt so single.
Clear the road for the pro
They know the corners of the 3-in-1, to and fro.
Do have a wonderful weekend.

Happy I hope, @botefarm

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