Day-727-Freewrite Thursday Stone Wall

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: stone wall

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Have you ever felt like you were beating your head against a stone wall trying to explain someone something? Well it happened to me tonight at my coin club meeting. I was trying to explain a reward program from eBay, called eBucks. Everytime I buy something off eBay I receive a eBucks reward, but I always wait until the rewards are higher than the usual 1% offered. Sometimes the rewards are as much as 15%. You get to accumulate rewards for 3 months and then you get your amount to spend in one month. The confusing part that my buddy couldn't get was that I use my credit card to pay my eBay purchase, and receive another 5% rebate from my card. He said I lose money because of the interest on my credit card. I told him that there is no interest, if I pay off the balance within 25 days. Plus with my eBucks reward, I always buy a gold or silver coin every 3 months for free. It's like I have never paid retail for anything since 1989.

Freewrite by Bruni
Today my Splinterlands quest was fought with my Water Splinter and I reached Gold II level. Here are my cards, and I struck gold!

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Very interesting way to earn more rewards! ^_^

Yes it's true. If you pay soon there's no interest on your credit card

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Feel like banging a stone wall when you're explaining something? Try explaining Steem to someone who's not into cryptocurrency... :) It's great success if someone succeeds tho, worth trying, lol.

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Keeping an eye on how you spend to gain can go a long way Bruni, some people never get that money should make more if used correctly. Sounds like you have a good system up and running @wonderwop