Day-731-Freewrite Monday Inappropriately Dressed

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: inappropriately dressed

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If you feel like you haven't seen any inappropriately dressed people lately, try stepping into a church. The last time I made it to mass, our priest was asking the perishioners to stop wearing shorts. As I looked down at my cargo shorts I thought to myself, "it's 99° degrees outside and the air-conditioning in this church isn't cutting it". As I watched the patrons head to communion, I noticed that some of the girls looked like they had just come from the club, dressed to the nines in really short dresses. With the reduction of attendance at church these days, I'm not sure that creating a dress code for mass, is such a great idea. Maybe if I lived up north, I wouldn't wear shorts 365 days a year, but I'm pretty sure it would be at least 300. I think the days of suits and hats has past, and I need to talk to my priest about global warming!

Freewrite by Bruni
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Haha! Howdy sir wonderwop! Very true, they should just be thankful people are still showing up! I just heard yesterday that church attendance all over the country is dropping fast, it's a shame.

It is a shame @janton. That could be the reason kids have no respect anymore.

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I agree sir wonderwop, they need foundational teaching at a young age!

Ha ha! No shorts. Ya try pulling that off around here and they'll laugh you right out the church! Attendance though, I'm down here in the the Buckle so there is no lack thereof. Where are you?

San Antonio Texas @enginewitty

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There is a dress code here in India where it gets really hot but people still are clothed top to bottom when they go to church. I am a Hindu and live in Kerala, where men alone should be shirtless when visiting the temple and also wear Mundu which is a white piece of cloth worn around waist downward while women wear sarees.
The male Christians can also wear mundu but do wear shirts. Our place is really humid and that is probably why the ancient dress code

Sounds like they know how to keep comfortable @sayee

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ah yes

Dressing for church has changed from wearing your Sunday best and the days when all the women wore hats. Now if you wear a hat it would be blocking someone’s view.

In summer many men wear shorts to church and tourists will too. I wonder if some of the Older parishioners have complained for the priest to say shorts are inappropriate.

I’ve seen a lot of people in church with what I call dress shorts.

It's not like I wear shorts at midnight mass Christmas Eve @redheadpei 😁

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Why not, it’s warm in Texas, isn’t it?

It's warm for me, but usually in the 40's in December. I never wear shorts to church on Christmas or Easter, my mamma didn't like it.

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I think you should go in that cute towel!

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Thank you for the prompt delivery @owasco 💕

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Ha ha! Maybe you should have Sunday Best shorts

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I think your right My Sunday best shorts. 😁

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I love the picture!

Thank you @wwwiebe 👍

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