Day-739-Freewrite Tuesday Represent

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: represent

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
Today I went to the post office to mail off some coins that I sold to a customer in Murchison Texas and ended up being a lobby director. I was using the automated postal center (APC) when this little old lady got behind me, watching what I was doing. After I received my receipt, I grabbed my stuff and went over to a nearby table to address my package. I was watching the lady standing in front of the APC reading the directions, when she saw my shirt. I asked her if she needed some help and she wanted to buy some stamps. I told her that she needed a credit or debit card and she pulled one out of her purse. I got her to the correct screen, asked how many stamps she needed and had her put her credit card in the slot. She took her stamps and thanked me. I went back to addressing my package, when this young girl came up to me and asked me to address a letter for her. After she thanked me, I put my parcel in the mail slot and as I was walking towards the door, this guy asked me how much it cost to mail a letter. I guess when I wear this shirt, I'll always represent the United States Postal Service!

Freewrite and photo by Bruni
There's only one day left in the current Splinterlands season and I was surprised with a gold foil reward card today. With my battles being fought with my Earth Splinter today, my quest was quickly completed! 👍

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United states postal service, nice t shirt.

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You’re the man with the nice shirt!

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I think I’d add ‘charity drive collector’ under the united states postal service and see would anyone give me a few quid.
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@wonderwop - how could I not read and upvote a post about the postal service? Good job, acting lobby director!

It's awfully nice of you to help out like that!

Good on you for helping out the people that needed it. :D You need to ask for a raise. LOL