Weekend Freewrite-08/17/2019-Single Prompt Option Players

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Below is my five minute weekend #freewrite on my prompt today: players

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest

Are there any other Splinterlands players here that Freewrite? I started playing Steem Monsters back in December of 2018 and I've played everyday since. It's been quite a journey since the early days but those daily quests keep me coming back for more. The current season ended yesterday and I broke into Diamond III for about two games. I ended up being rewarded 40 cards.
My first set of 10 cards I received nine common cards and one Rare card from the Life Splinter.
My second set of 10 cards I received seven common cards and three Rare cards, one from the Life Splinter, one Neutral card, and one from the Earth Splinter.
From my third set of 10 cards I received six common cards, three Rare cards, one from the Life Splinter, one Neutral card, and one from the Earth Splinter. I also received one fabulous Legendary card from the Life Splinter.
In my final set of 10 cards, I received eight common cards and two Epic cards, one from the Life Splinter and one from the Dragon Splinter. Each if these reward cards are worth money so if you want become a Splinterlands player, please join by using my referral link below.


Story and photos by Bruni

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Nice collection. I still can't get over changing the name to Splinterlands. I like Steem Monsters better.

I'm not sure why they changed it either @blockurator. I was used to SM too. 👍

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Fantastic collection of cards!

Thank you. I was very pleased.

I hope I started playing but I haven't. The desire is there but the time is not. =p

You're very busy with the youngster's. 💕

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Not that bad, @wonderwop.
Darn it! I've been waiting for a good prompt to try out a freewrite, and now I missed it, lol