Weekend-Freewrite-11-9-2019-I Know

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: I know

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I know I should be happy anytime I receive free Splinterlands reward cards, but I must say that this is the first week since I started playing Steem Monsters in December of 2018, that I had 7 days of crap cards. Not a single gold foil or legendary card in the lot, and only two Epic cards in seven days. If I went back to my 40 end of season reward cards, that's over 120 cards that didn't add much value to my deck. I know I sound unappreciative of my rewards, but I needed to blow off a little steam. The battles are taking longer to fullfil, and the tournaments are getting harder to place in the DEC money. I'll keep playing because I want to see in what direction the game is evolving. I'll be better after a good night's sleep, Good Night!

Freewrite and photos by Bruni

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Interesting as I have only just started playing and I am finding it really hard to win. I'm loathed to buy moore packs as I am not enjoying the game enough at the moment. I thought it wouuld give beginners a chance to win without having to buy more packs.

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Things are always clearer after a good night’s sleep. 😊 💤

You got that right @redheadpei 👍👍

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I'm still curious about the game. I'm just waiting to free up a bit more time before exploring more and jumping in to play this game. Good luck to you! May you have better card days ^_^

Thank you @iamraincrystal, you do need extra time to complete your daily quests. 👍

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I still have no idea about this game but I hope your luck improves with the time you have invested!

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I hope so too @wandrnrose7 🙏

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