New Games on Steem. What should I do?

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Recently there's been a rave about a new game that just launched on Steem: @holybread. That's a RPG, something Steem didn't have so far.

There's a SimCity-like game coming too. Playable from what I understood on Discord, but there's no interface yet for it. We didn't have simulator-type games either, as far as I know.

The games niche grows on Steem! Slowly, but surely.

And apparently I still have a slight computer games addiction. I started playing 3 games on Steem, haven't yet quit any of them.

It's true on Splinterlands I'm only interested in the daily quests, and Nextcolony and Drugwars I play each less than 5 minutes per day (sometimes I skip a day).

It's tempting, so tempting... :)

I remember I held back on SteemMonsters when it launched for this reason, that it will "catch me". I ended up joining later and regretting the wasted time.

I joined the other two and started playing right at their launch. Counting the hours and minutes to it. :)

But another game added means more time spent playing. And when I first start, I play more, much more than all those 3 above combined. At least that was what I did before.

Well, since I missed the launch, I have all the time in the world to decide, don't I?

How about you, have you started to play any of the new games? What do you like the most about them?


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I started to play at Holybread and I am hooked!

I may check it out as well...

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