Back to DIAMOND II !

in #gaming3 months ago

1 day and 10 hours left before the current season ends. It's not that I am still expecting to reach the CHAMPIONS league this season but would at least hope to stand my ground in the DIAMOND I leagues until the season ends.

Still it was unfortunate that the same thing kept on happening this season where I'm being matched up against a strong opponent only to lose 3-7 Battle Points 5-6 times in a row then win 1 time and get a whooping 30-70 Battle Point rating. Lol


And because of that my win-rate has dropped now to 44.4%. Only 191 wins out of 430 ranked matches. T_T


Whenever I look at the numbers above it made me really think why was I so happy at the beginning of this season when I get a 10-long winning streak. Honestly after that it has been disaster after disaster on my ranked matches. Lol