in #gaming3 months ago

Oh well seems like the game really hates me this season. For 4 (FOUR) days in a row I have suffered 8-10 long losing streak everyday!

This morning, out of 17 ranked matches I only won 5 times just enough for me to claim my daily quest for today. Also, I stopped playing since my ECR was already below 75%.

I did play 13 ranked matches this afternoon and fortunately I got some wins enough to make me halfway again towards DIAMOND II.


I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm now really starting to get pissed off whenever my match-up is against someone with over a million Collection Power. I even matched up with one having 5 million today like WHYYYY WHYY WHYYY am I being a fodder with this CHAMPION league players. I don't mind being a fodder once in a while but not in a row. T_T

My current win-rate at the moment is only around 44.4%. Not my lowest since I had 42% two seasons ago but with the losing streaks I'm seeing. I will not be surprised to see it going down below 40%.