in #gaminglast month

Surprisingly I have now reached the DIAMOND II leagues. I for one honestly am starting to get a little bit scared seeing that this is quite similar to what happened to me last season where I got 10+ losing streak per day for 8 days.

Last season and this season I have easily breezed through the DIAMOND II leagues with still 8+ days left remaining before the current season ends. After I reached the DIAMOND II leagues, I was greeted with loses and loses and loses for days (mostly only winning for an average of 7-8 ranked matches a day out of 30 which is just enough to claim my daily quest rewards).

Anyways, I somehow easily breezzed through the DIAMOND II leagues again this season so I am now bracing for my win-rate in the next coming days. XD

Diamond II.jpg

At the moment I have 52.41% win-rate this season, 10% higher than my usual per season which is only at 42%.