Flexing my lowest win-rate! everrr ... 38.9%!

in #gaming2 months ago

Well anyone knows if that LAND thingy is transferrable?

Not gonna lie I am now starting to hate this game. Sure I don't have max level summoners or monsters but I don't they are also that weak. At the moment most of my summoners are at level 5 while my monsters are at level 6-7. Personally I think they are good at the DIAMOND III to DIAMOND II levels if only the game would match me with players around my BATTLE POINT rating and collection power.

But No. Even with my battle rating only at 3000-3100, I have been matched up like 80% of the time against players with battle rating of 3300 upwards. Around 20% of the 80% of the time are matches against 3400+ Battle Rating players.

What's more annoying though is since they have a high Battle Power Rating the MINUS on my BATTLE RATING is only around 7-10. It took me like 25 loses today just to finally drop down to the GOLD leagues and another 5 loses on this league to be finally matched up against an opponent with a Battle Power lower than mine.

Hence, the 38.9% win-rate for this season. Only 88 wins out of 226 ranked matches. T_T