Starting to hate this new Daily Quests!

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I'm probably in the minority here but I am now starting to hate this newly added daily quests (SNEAK & SNIPE).


The main reason why I am starting to hate these two newly added quests is because of some "rulesets" that makes it longer for us players to do 5 wins under the SNIPE and SNEAK quests.

Rulesets like "Monsters Lose Abilities", "Only Melee Monsters allowed", "Monsters with Melee Attack can't be used in battle", "Monsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities", "Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles" and sometimes even the odd-even ruleset too.

Based on what I experienced, winning a ranked matched under some of those ruleset doesn't count towards the daily quest. For example, if one gets the "monsters lose abilities" ruleset and if your daily quest for that day is "Sneak" or "Snipe" then winning that ranked match doesn't count towards that day's daily quest (If I am not mistaken).

As someone who tries to strictly do only 29-30 ranked matches daily (or strictly 25% ECR per day), the two new rulesets makes it harder for me to complete it under those quests. Days ago I remember getting 5-6 monster lose abilities out of probably like 15 matches which honestly pissed me off since I was already at 79% ECR at that time and had to stop at 75% to call it a day. Lol

Surprisingly though, my win-rate this season is at it's highest with currently at 60% (one of my highest at this time of the season).

It's probably due to the fact that I don't have to 'force myself to use the daily quest of that day' even though it's clearly disadvantageous to me if I get the new daily quest along with the ruleset I've stated above. It did give me more wins this season but hopefully they would redo this one and at least only give us ruleset that doesn't hinder one from completing his/her daily quest.


Don't get me wrong though, I love the newly added ruleset but I think they should do some minor changes on it. Like not getting those ruleset when one is still not done with their daily quest. XD


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Ps: I don't play it any longer. Too many rules. It gets more complicated with every upgrade.