Still stuck at DIAMOND III !

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Wowww! This is now starting to look like what I experienced two seasons ago. Advance to the DIAMOND III leagues 2-3 days after the new season starts and just stays there until the season ends.

That's what happened to me two seasons ago and hopefully would not happen again this season as I am stuck on the DIAMOND III leagues for days now. T_T

3-4 days ago I also was very close to reaching the DIAMOND II leagues needing only less than 100 Battle Points but unfortunately was matched up again and again with opponents with max level cards (not at all surprised at this point) and so suffered a series of loses.


Also, 2 days ago my win-rate was at 56%, Yesterday was 53% and as for today it's at exactly 50%. Judging by the pattern I am dropping 3% win-rate everyday.

Since my usual win-rate every season is 42%, I am expecting this series of loses to continue in the next 3 days. Lol Hopefully I would be lucky tomorrow and reach first the DIAMOND II leagues before I get matched up again with strong opponents.



Hey atleast you're in Diamond.
I'm stuck at Gold, more comfortable though in Silver

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You can do it too! I just advanced to the next league today! Hopefully you too :)