How do we learn or let poor ppl know splinterlands?

in gg •  4 months ago 

I just site here and doing my dayli quest and wachting youtube video abuot how ppl working and it hurts me to see how hard poor ppl has to work to just earn some cash like 1 to 8 usd a day, they has to left like 80kg for that money and i just sitteing here playing game, i can earn that much like them!

what you see in pix is i rent my card out and i earn 1.6usd a day, passive income

in this pix you see what i just earn by doing dayli ( 1.68usd) quest from to day, i do spend alot of money on the game but it do pay off in time that what i belive in!

I thinking how can i/we show this ppl, poor ppl abuot this life change game splinterlands, how can we learn them abuot this blockchain crypto world. will be cool if anyone can come with idea that can show the world that poor ppl can change there life by blockchain crypto.

link to a video i watch.

my wife brother in vietnam get more money now just by playing this cool life changing game
he even got money to trave home to his hightland in vietnam to make holiday that we has now in asian
all he doing is playing the game, i has buy all the card for hime and when he play he earn card he sell,to dec or steem, then i turn it to btc then usd, then i send usd to him in vietnam, and that work for us.

my english is bad i know but i has to try, to say out or noone will know !

I not spoonser by anyone all i do is just show and share what i just see and it move me.

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Hi vcdragon, how much (in USD) does the average person live off where you are from?

Literally this game has change people's lives and you proven it with your post. Thanks!

How long do people normally rent your cards, over 30 days or less than 30 days? I'm learning how to put mine up for rent. Thanks in advance @vcdragon


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normal i put max 90 day minium 14 day

Thank you. I'm not sure I have any cards people want to rent. 🙏

Good thoughts @vcdragon. Maybe you could make some tutorials for new players to help them? I'm still not too familiar with how renting works....

i will when i got time

Not even sure how to respond @vcdragon, except - yes, there are such huge disparities in the world and we do need to work to provide more opportunities. And blockchain crypto has a whole lot of potential.

i wish there is a way that make more people know about this game and blockchain

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