1039 DEC Reward in today quest|| Earth Quest-splinterlands quest reward


last day i could not play my splinterlands game battle because of my busy life. so today i completed my first quest that was with eart splinterlands, so this time i locked my Gold III level in this season, but i am trying to achieve this level, so i will play today many game to done this, but it is really difficult task because every level has many good players on splinterlands so it is fight of plan , and monsters so its depend on my opponent party that how they play and use their monsters in the battle so i am going to unlock my today quest reward


so i got four box hope i will get good reward but it is luck what is hidden in these boxs


that is amazing reward i got 1039+7+13 Dark energy crystal these Dec are over one dollar reward but there is also one bet rare monster that is equal to $0.23 dollar so today was superb day and my quest reward was amazing,

so i always prefer to play daily quest, so dear friend, i believe that splinterlands is one of the best blockchain gaming that will make you so much amazing,
dear friends, if you have $10 dollar then i will say to you that build your splitnerlands army and play and earn daily dec that you can trade on hive-engine

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thank you very much for reading visiting my splinterlands quest post