CineTv Splinterlands tournament

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CineTv tournament hosted by CineTv token

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@cine.comps is hosting a @splinterlands tournament yet again. Last time, it was a resounding success with a large number of participants. I am sure, this time too, it will be a repeat.


As you all know, many a hive user is also a splinterlands player and so, it is only right that cine wants to link the two and hold a tournament in Splinterlands which is THE most powerful game EVER on the blockchain as of now.

I hope you will join the tournament if you are a player and also spread the word by sharing this post. It will help the new players to enter and try their luck as the rules have been set to help the new players, specifically.


Bronze league, so that all can enter
Low fees for bronze and below
No legendary cards
Not 'anytime' so that new players get a feel of the old tournaments like it was conducted earlier before the 'anytime' games

This tournament will also be helpful to the veteran players too in case they want to practice for the Brawls.

So, all the best, and here is hoping the best player wins.


Nice initiative.
Shame it isn't anytime, though. I would have loved to participate, but these days, 8.30am is too early for me.

Hope it'll be a smashing success!!

oh Mike
I hope you can make it though. Do enter, what if you get up early that day. Thanks