Water splinter is best for completing quest

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I had told that i will upload 2 splinterlands blog per week. But not able to do so for some work. But trying to upload at least 1 blog every week. This is an another post of my splinterlands.


Today i will share my strategy,how i win 5 match out of 5 match by using water splinter. Yesterday i had quest with water splinter. Before yesterday i was unable to complete my back to back 3 days quest pack, because there were quest to win with fire or Dragon. Which is not perfect for me with that account. Then yesterday my quest came with water splinter. And i start playing. Now i am sharing snapshot of those teams i had used.

Game 1


Game 2


Game 3


Game 4


Game 5


I had played 10-12 matches in that time,but with water splinter i had played only 5 and i had win in all of those.

I think i don't need to explain my cards what i have used individually like others. I saw some people's post by copying from splinterlands website,but i don't like that . I hope a splinterlands player know what abilities are this. I hope they will know what cards do what.

After completing i had got this rewards.

Anyone can understand by watching this snapshots. I had got only 5 cards of those rewards. Only 1 rare was there and 4 common. In total 109 dec and 2 Alchemy potion and 1 legendary potions.

It was for now. Hope you all will read my blog and if there any mistake don't hesitate to inform me.

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Nice strategies, water Splinter is a combination of Melee and Magic attack able to destroy powerful monsters.