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Hey all,
I'm there with a brand new Splinterlands Weekly Contest. As I did not have Soulstorm, this week firstly I bought it to be able to take part in the contest 😌 , By the way, I realized that there are still hundreds of cards that I should add to my deck. For now, I try to keep the balance between the elements because I do not want to solely rely on one of them. However, in general, I use my Dragons because the summoner enables me to choose cards from other elements, as well.

After the latest update, I started collecting cards but for leasing some of the ones that I do not use. Currently, I have a 4000+ rank but my card power is too low. So, I'm stuck at Silver league πŸ˜… No worries, in the near future, I will remember these days and have a warm smile on my face... I mean... I hope πŸ˜›

Let's talk about the battle. It is one of the low mana cap battles which are my favorites.

The Battle

Drake of Arnak_lv1.png

I chose Drake of Arnak to get +1 armor for my warriors. The rationale was that I tried to have defenders consisting of Haunted Spirit and 2 low cap warriors. I assumed that they can bear 2 damages thanks to their armor as long as they are not attacked by magic ability.

Haunted Spirit_lv1.png

I used Haunted Spirit in the first position so that I can utilize its 2 melee attacks and healing ability. I gave importance to its endurance against any type of attack. Since my low cap warriors in the second and the third position are not capable of dealing with magic ability, I wanted to make sure that the defenders can stay alive while the ranged ones hunting.

Creeping Ooze_lv1.png

Creeping Ooze was in the second position both to slow the warriors of my opponent and to endure at least 1 or 2 damages. It could be located in the third position too. The major aim is to protect the defenders.

Furious Chicken_lv1.png

Furious Chicken always sacrifices itself unless it has melee attack ability 😌 So, as usual, I sacrificed it for the sake of the well-being of my ranged attackers. Both Creeping Ooze and Furious Chicken could protect the others by receiving 4 damages before they die. R.I.P my dear...

Undead Priest_lv1.png

Undead Priest was there for 2 reasons. The primary reason was to decrease the health points of the warriors of my opponents. Since the mana cap is not too high, I could foresee the possible health points of the cards. So, but for adding 1 more ranged warrior, I chose to decrease the health of the opponent cards. The other reason why I chose it was to take at least 2 or 3 damages as it has 3 health points and +1 armor from the summoner. It worked well, the ranged ones did not receive any damage.


With its 3 ranged damage and 5 points of speed, Soulstorm was the "damage carrier" in the deck. I purposefully located it in the fourth position so that I can also protect it from any sneak attack to the backline of the deck. Being the fundamental source of damage, Soulstorm was supposed to eliminate the target monsters. Actually, it performed as I expected and brought the victory.

Undead Archer_lv1.png

Undead Archer was located in the last position to protect Soulstorm from sneaky attacks. Also, it was added to the team thanks to its affliction ability. It is highly common to see that people use melee attackers with heal ability in the first position. Even, I did the same thing. So that I can handle the possible problem, I used it. On the other hand, it costs just 2 mana and I believe that the card is highly beneficial.

What could be done differently?

Well, It was certain that I was to design my deck considering the well-being of the Soulstorm and healing ability of the Haunted Spirit. So, I may choose Armorsmith to renew the armor of the defenders for further protection. However, because of its low speed, it may not be adequate to dodge all the attacks.

On the other hand, the team had a nice composition. Sneak, Opportunity, and any possible attack was considered while positioning my source of damage. Yet, one thing is certain that not using magic ability was a bit risky. The types of attacks were not diversified enough.

Comments on Soulstorm

After purchasing the card, it becomes one of the indispensable parts of the team. Its speed and damage is quite high. As long as it is well protected, the warrior may carry the match by itself. Taunt ability or low cap other ranged cards can be used to make sure the security of Soulstorm.

The rationale behind my team and my comments are stated. What do you think about the team that I formed? What are the strengths and weaknesses?

Please watch my battle and leave your comments...

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Splinterlands-Soulstorm/0d92483476664b0f14f9db9dc217d222b3da3782)

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Haunted Spirit at the front position... that's a smart move.
Nice lineup.
Keep battling.