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RE: My Satoshi Earning Game Plan

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Damn son, that's some serious sattage! I should do this and see what sat machines I have going, you are buying lots as well, I'm only once per week with a largish amount but keep cash back in case of the little price drops that happen pretty regularly.

I'm working on Hive engine tokens and the passive side as I was working hard on just active income but there's a world of opportunity out there.


Lol break out the spreadsheet and pull in some average returns and see what you're pulling in this is no means a fixed amount but it looks to be hovering around there at the moment so I am pretty chuffed. A $600 in today could be a $6000 worth in a few years so fuckit, what I got to lose, it also means if I can kick off this kind of cash flow and I invest $600 in that same month then I've halved my risk making me even more bullish

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Lol, well, I'm definitely not opposed to making another spreadsheet!

There'll always be some variance but if you take a fixed price of BTC and other coins in alts to use as an average then it will make it easier. I usually use a bit more of a conservative amount (like worse case scenario planning) but to rake in $600 per month with your current system only bodes well when things start really going up... alright, time to bust a spreadsheet out once I've done my power up post