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RE: My Satoshi Earning Game Plan

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As someone said in the comments. 600 bucks in these red markets aren't bad at all...that's at least 2K in some "normal" markets... ;)

Congrats and keep on collecting coins :)


That's what I am thinking, I am getting these Sats for a steal at the moment and as I buy in also I reduce the buy in risk since I have more stake coming in each month adding to these various pools.

lol wow 2k a month in crypto, I would be pretty grateful for that, I'd push it even harder if those were my returns but I am patient, I hope that I can get to such a level and beyond as long as I can live on fiat and stack crypto I am happy

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I don't see that impossible... Altcoin prices are almost bottomed... (this time for realz... lol...), so if the go 2-3x up, you are close to that 2K... ;) It's really not that far...
Lets wait and see :)

You make a good point there, but its also the higher the price goes the more people pile in the lower the rate of return so there's a balance but on the whole yes its only going to go up. I'll just continue to stake every day and look for new opportunity and sit tight, a good strategy is about doing less, not doing more

a good strategy is about doing less, not doing more

Exactly! We should let crypto to work for us in a long term... and not we for the crypto... ;)

That's the plan, perhaps now we have to work hard to research and find the opportunities and maybe look for ways to earn more of it but eventually, those payments start compounding plus the inflation of fiat keeps pushing it up so we have no clue how this thing plays out but it sure is exciting.