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RE: My Satoshi Earning Game Plan

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Some nice earnings, and not too long to go.

How much of those non BTC earnings do you transfer into BTC?

I take it your target is to own literally one whole BTC rather than 1 BTCs worth of BTC plus all alt cryptocurrencies?

Personally I also like the idea of owning one whole BTC, but I've kind of stalled at around 0.6 as I prefer to hold quite a lot of LCT and ETCH too.

I don't know what it is about LTC, I have an irrational soft spot for it, I think it's because It's my buy-in crypto - it's just easier to move it between exchanges!

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Thanks, I'm not too tied to these earning percentages, they are pretty high but yes dollar value is low but as dollar value increases more people jump on the investment and bring down the percentage returns, so I don't mind it seeming low in terms of purchasing power because they longer I get a high-interest rate the better amount of Satoshis I get.

Yes my goal is to 1 Coin, I've got 0.83 BTC and then a range of alts probably about 2.2 BTC worth at current prices but I don't really count that, at the moment I am only taking the CE-FI stuff and keeping in BTC/Sats

The stalking coins I keep in their native currency because I think they have a greater upside potential so I can sell them for more in a bull run and get a better Alt to SAT return as people flock into staking coins and such during the bull run.

I still have like 4 LTC I bought at the top lol I refuse to sell it but I did average in 1.3 just so my pain is not so bad lol

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Ah you're practically there with the BTC then, I think I want a whole one myself, need to get a better plan together!

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My best plan so far was to switch to daily cost averaging you pick up so much more Sats that way! I only wish I started doing it sooner, no need to care about the daily price that way you just keep buying

I think I might just start doing the same!

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