🔥 Blockchain Gaming - Splinterlands + Game Credits Partnership

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A few days ago, @splinterlands and Game Credits shared the news of their partnership.

You might ask what is Game Credits?

In April 2020, the NovaToken platform has merged with the GAME Credits network and will move forward under the GAME Credits brand

Today there are about 73 million circulating supply of GAME and there should be a maximum supply of 200 million GAME.

Every week, 100,000 GAME are distributed among stakers and blockchain game developers. The split is 50/50

As stated on their website:

Earn GAME Credits, in-game items and digital collectibles each week by using your GAME Credits to support your favorite games on the GAME Rewards portal.

Splinterlands is already one of the most supporter game just 4 days after being "listed"


Why would you buy Game Credits?

  • Loyalty Points can be earned by staking on a given game, and can only be
    redeemed for the applicable GAME Rewards allocated to that game. This system allows for new models of distribution and scarcity in a blockchain-backed system.
  • Players earn: The more GAME staked, the more GAME Rewards players earn. GAME that is staked on a game can be released back to the owner at any time.
  • Should their model fit, developers may choose to add bonus rewards (such as
    Loyalty Points or NFTs) based on the level of interaction within their games
  • Incentivized developer content

Please find the Whitepaper here

Where can you buy Game Credits?


Supported Wallets


They are finishing up with the Phase 1 of their white paper. Basically Game Credits are tokens that you can stake on your favorite to earn some more Game Credits but also tokens, bonuses, NFTs from the game you staked them on.

It seems quite interesting if they manage to get enough traction from their partnerships to do some nice Game Credits' stake-based giveaways

Now that @splinterlands is on this platform and if they announced special card giveaways, I might buy and then stake some Game Credits!

I like that they changed their structure and goal in April 2020 after apparently failing to be a Crypto

Phase 2.0 seems exciting


Finally, I want to show off because for the first time in at least a year I reached Champion I League ! 😃

So tomorrow I should get 150 Rewards Chests ! 😄


If you do not play Splinterlands yet, do not hesitate to use my link here, I will send you some nice cards to start out 🙌!

What are your thoughts about this crypto / business plan?

I would love to have some more insights from @yabapmatt or @splinterlands


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Whuuuuuut!!!!!!Champion 1!!!!Dang didn't know you were in on this too,thats soooo cool! So I guess we need a Splinterlands room in hodlcommunity channel and maybe even a guild.

Congrats on the level yo.

That is definitely a NEED ! I will create it later hehe.

Are you excited for your rewards!? 😄

I sadly ended my streak at gold level 2 😔😩....I need more tiiiiiiime!!

Thanks for this update!
I don't know much about this game's ecology. In case I choose to invest in it, should I buy DEC tokens or some game cards?

You do not have to buy DEC at first, you can just buy credits if you feel like it (basically they are equal to USD).

And you can start playing with 10 USD and slowly make your way up the ladder 😃

I ain't interested in playing but only in investing to get better returns. What I understood from your explantion is that Credits are some stable currency vis-a-vis USD and are only used as in-game currency. Anyway, I'll have to look deeper to understand that all. Thanks for this info!

Well I do not believe this is the best to make a "return" if you do not like to play every day. There are better opportunities out there 😄.

I get you ! Time is money !

Okay, that's a solid advice. Thanks!

Hey, an interesting article, thank you.

So, you need ETH address and MetaMask to be able to participate?

ETH adress for sure but you can use other ETH wallets, Metamask just seems like the easiest for most users (this is the one I use too ^^)