PEAKMONSTERS RENTALS 2.0 - A preview with questions for Splinterlands players

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Since it was in the recent RoadMap by Splinterlands that they will be working on Rental Stuff this quarter i feel it's fine to share what we're planning on doing.

We have been in discussion with SplinterLands team and we have discussed a Protocol that will allow us to move away from an ESCROW system and move towards a DEC type system as well. We also want to move toward a fluid system where you can add or remove cards easily and there are no set time constraints. If you want to move from gold league to diamond you could do it quickly and easily.

What we are planning is an AUTO RENTAL system.


  1. Owners should be able to dump hundreds if not every card they want into our system in minutes if not seconds.
  2. Renters would be able to select the monsters and summoners they want as quickly as they can decide what they want and click the buttons.
  3. We play matchmaker (You don't have to look at contract options, peruse the market or even care at all who is renting it to you)
  4. We would like a way for new players to have a one click approach to renting. They don't even know what cards they want... we want options for them to click a competitive deck at the level they want in one click.
  • We still intend for it to have market fluctuations
  • We will allow users (players and owners) to impact the market value IF they want to. But maybe some people will just roll with the market variations and say I'd rather just select 5000 cards make them available and be done with it. While other owners will demand a certain return or use them elsewhere.


  1. If you are an owner of cards how many cards are you looking to make available if it took 1 minute to make them all available?
  2. If you are an owner renting out cards would you like to know: DEC or USD or yROA% for that card?
  3. If you are a player (or potential player) how many cards you looking at getting assuming it was little to no work to rent them the first time or upkeep afterward was little to none?
  4. If you are a player how would you set your max costs? DEC / USD or yROA%
  5. What other suggestion do you have for us? Remember you will not be dealing with Escrows and you will not be dealing with Time Limits you simply rent as long as you want or as short as you want.

yROA% to me means the yearly Return on the Asset value of the card based on either Listed value or Market value


  • There are 9291 cards under contract right now
  • There are 512 accounts renting at least 1 card
  • There are 9 players renting at least 100 cards
  • There are 77 players renting at least 40 cards
  • There are 5 owners renting out over 300 cards
  • There are 332 owners renting at least 1 card
  • There is one owner making at least $120 a month renting cards
  • There are 34,060 cards available for rent (counting the 9.2k being rented)
  • There are 97 fallen specters presently being rented out
  • There are 100 lord arianthus presently being rented out
  • There are 109 ruler of the seas presently being rented out
  • There are 9 non gold cards only being rented out once (Dice cards make up 5 of those like: Naga Brute, dragon spirit and Flamesmith)


We expect the new system will have way way way more cards rented available the heavier supply may reduce rates until more players come in to bring more demand for that supply.

When supply far outweighs demand those who enter their cards into the auto rental market FIRST will benefit when it comes to ties. I myself (jarvie) have an excess thousands of unplayed cards that will quickly go into the market.

We expect this system will take quite a bit of work and we're not giving an exact date and time and we are still at the mercy of the backend system of Splinterlands.

We would love to also have the future ability for people like you or sites like splinterlands to gift rentals in this auto rental system to other accounts. (friends or as awards) Perhaps entire accounts decks of cards to help tease people into playing at higher levels for a few days or a whole season.

  1. All of those that I cannot currently rent that I own and am listing on the market
  2. That would be a spectacular feature if you could include it of course if it came down to it as much as the game can operate in DEC the better IMO.
  3. Not sure but I would dump the remainder of any cards I have not already rented out on that kind of market, so whatever I would acquire from then on (at the creation of the system) that does not rent out the old way.
  4. DEC as much as possible would be ideal-less hassle plus another sink 😁

These are some fabulous ideas. I think a hybrid of the new "pile 'em up and get what you can" massive bulk rental option you introduced and then maybe for more premium cards that people would want to hold back to rent for more the older individual listings may be the better way to go.

1: Around 1000
2: Prefer all 3. Otherwise USD
Love that you're revisiting this, appreciate all your hard work, mate.
Might take a while to really wrap our heads around the new system. Until then, make sure you also trust your own judgement.

This is exciting as I have not been back to the market to rent after the fork. Looking forward to putting my cards on the market although the amount will depend on how many we need working on our land as well. In all, the demand for cards should increase.

1.-Have over 1,000 single BCX to put up as well if I can do easier than today's system.
2.-ROA is most important but other are good metrics as well
3.-I would probably rent some too for land expansions in the future which will be the first time.
4.-Probably DEC
5.-I love dashboards which would be cool to see.

Wish you guys the best as this definitely seems like an evolution while it does not seem easy!

  1. A couple of cards 5-20.
  2. Either can work. It would be good to see annual APR.
  3. Mainly i am thinking to rent deficient cards in my deck. So it would be great if sysecan detect what cards should i rent.
  4. DEC and USD both will be good.
  5. It seems a good opportunity for both parties. The more system is user-friendly the better it is. Good Luck in your business.
  1. Close to 200.
  2. Have all three as option and preference is Dec.
  3. A couple
  4. Max cost in Dec.
  5. When it come rental payment is it possible to set a fix amount of hive,hbd, dec before start of contract rather than adjusting payments based on daily USD value? Many games now allow multiple crypto to be use in card purchases. So is it possible to receive other types of crypto beyond hive, hbd or dec?

Not sure if you mention this in your post but have a way to filter lenders’ cards for easier searches on what are available for rent? Thanks!

All sounds like great work planned for this year! A DEC system would be awesome. It's a pain getting Hive to transact when not active on the Hive blockchain anymore.

  1. Undecided.
  2. DEC
  3. Renter only when needed so not many.
  4. No preference.
  5. Is it possible to have a list of bot accounts and have owners choose to not rent out? Or have a bot account list, and owners can rent out cheaper to real players not on the bot list? I would make more cards available for rent if knowing they're supporting real players and not bots.

I am so glad this came up, as I have been leasing cards and it's been quite cumbersome.

  1. I would be willing to make about 500 cards available to lease
  2. I would rather know what the ROA% is and would be curious if it would be possible to set the ROA in bulk on all cards. For example, I have been trying to target an ROA of 2.5% on all leased cards, but have to constantly update the pricing on cards to match the 2.5% ROA, as it tends to fluctuate.
  3. N/A
  4. N/A
  5. I like the idea of having a way to set a target ROA on all leased cards.

Thank you for the inquiry on this integration process!

I currently have close to 600 cards rented via Peakmonsters.

  1. 10000+ (many cards ranging from 1 BCX to max level)
  2. ROI per card,
  3. N/A
  4. N/A
    5a) If there are no longer escrows, what penalties will there be for contract breaks for either party?
    5b) Will there be like rental bids, where renters can suss for market shortages and buy then rent a card instantly?
    5c) Will there be credits integration? If all goes well, there should be many non-crypto users who are playing Splinterlands, thus allowing credit rentals may increase demand dramatically.
    5d) Will this system be integrated onto the main website, or at least allow the peakmonsters platform be more accessible via Splinterlands website? If so, could Peakmonsters integrate email/password login?

I am an owner, therefore I much appreciate making managing the rental options easier. As things stand I usually do not touch a card once listed as it is just too much effort.

I have a little over 200 cards up for rent over two accounts and this will probably be the amount going into the new system as well.

If however things become as easy as you describe and still stay as profitable as they are today, I may(!) consider quitting active play entirely and rent out my whole deck with something around 1300 cards in the future.

  1. 1000s
  2. Not important to me cause my cards aren't valuable.
  3. Not interested in renting cause I am not a top level player
  4. No prefereance.

Biggest Feature I need is a select all in the table view of bulk view. That fixes 99% of everything I want to do with the toolsets.

Sounds interesting.

  1. I would probably be putting around 20,000-30,000 single bcx cards on the auto market. Would probably still list higher level cards individually.
  2. why not all 3? but DEC and yROA would be more useful to me.
  3. just a handful probably
  4. N/A
  5. maybe make it so cards listed by auto rental are rented out in a balanced way. Like if owner1 makes 50 available, owner2 30, and owner3 20, have it so if 10 cards are being rented, owner1 would have 5 rented out, owner2 3, and owner3 2.

OK so we list all 3 options but if you wanted to set a minimum as an owner which one would you choose? @fighter4-freedom @mattclarke ?

I'd prefer DEC, it's just easier to think primarily in DEC, instead of trying to convert prices all the time.

Minimum in USD, personally.

  1. I would like to see the ability for someone to rent a card that gives the most POWER per money spent. People looking for POWER can find the best deal easily. Having a list of the cards that apply to this for the renter to choose from would be great. Someone could go in needing 13k POWER and see the top x number of cards that are the cheapest to rent in relation to POWER and can just check the ones they want and rent them. They check 5 rare beta golds, or check 1 epic beta gold or check 1 untamed epic gold and 3 untamed legends, etc.

Looking forward to seeing this this system, as one of the 9 renting out 100+ cards. There are plenty of cards which I'd be happy for their prices to fluctuate with demand (it will be interesting not see how you approach this - card price/number of rentals available?). At the same time, got to make sure my Gold Foil chickens aren't rented too cheaply..

I'd probably list around 500-1000 cards in the new system. I'd like to see returns in both DEC and USD.

I don’t play much anymore so I would list every card if I could do it quickly and I did not have to manage prices. I hate that i have tons of cards that I listed more than a year ago that never rent because I listed too high.

Looking forward to this.

I will like to have DEC payment for rentals instead.

the currency used will be for sure DEC... just seeing what people will do the pricing in.

I am pleased to see some progress possible in your renting system. Cheers!

While renting my cards, all I need is to see clear what I get in return, and pricing in USD while payment is HIVE is OK.

How about preventing this (follow link).

1: Haven't rented any cards out or in yet. Could rent out a whole account (@toejam) and a heap of others if simple enough.

If you are an owner of cards how many cards are you looking to make available if it took 1 minute to make them all available?

Any card where I already have a max level monster (any edition / foil), such that they are extras as far as a standard diamond league play is concerned.

I bet some people who are delegating cards to be used on the Monster Market TeamShare thing and similar programs may just do this instead. I'm playing one of those TeamShare accounts, so it would be a bummer, but if it was really easy for me to rent some cards, that might just be a better way to go anyway.

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