[UPDATE] Peakmonsters profit sharing increase

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This month an average of 30% of https://peakmonsters.com/ profit has been going to our loyal customers.

This has gone up 87.5% from the 16.3% in November
And up from the 24.5% we shared in December with our loyal users.



Well a lot has changed

  • For starters we now use ONE YEAR ROLLING VOLUME and this made a lot of people's reward levels go way up.
  • Also the starting level is now 10%


  • Also this month it appears a lot of the most loyal users are the ones making most of the purchases and some of them get 50% rewards for their long time loyalty to https://peakmonsters.com/



Wow great update. I love the new longer term 1year rolling volume metric!
Thank you peakmonsters for your great work!

now isnt that nice... most people would pocket it and have a beer... but here in a lot of the steem projects you see the inverse happening, no stock buybacks here. Here the users are rewarded for their loyalty and not the managers for making more profit

I salute this

Yeah it's still something i'm getting used to. I was so astounded when i realized I got some rewards around a fortnight ago.


I have checked my reward level and I see it's gone up however I don't know what that means in terms of expected returns. Is there an easy way to calculate expected returns?

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You would probably have to know the turnover for the period that rewards get calculated in, then the net profit, then know whether the profit sharing is a pool that is shared amongst all eligible customers.

Which is quite a lot to know! I'd rather estimate that if they make $0 net all expenses for the reward period, customer loyalty profit sharing will be $0 too.

I'm not very good at algebra maybe someone else can express this as an equation.

@peakmonsters, This is awesome aspect team. Hope that you will going to make this Journey more profitable and exciting for your Users 👥. Stay blessed.

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sorry I may have missed this but delegating monsters through peakmonsters earn anything towards the tiers? Thanks!