What to expect with Rentals 2.0

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Rentals 2.0 will be on peakmonsters.com primarily. The protocol is ran by Splinterlands and there will eventually be a generic ui on Splinterlands. (Other interfaces are able to do an interface if they wanted. Probably manual rentals could even work with it) ... This documents what to expect from the updated manual system... all the way to the final product which is a fast and easy automated rental system where owners can rent tens of thousands of cards with a few clicks and renters could maybe rent an entire deck in a couple of clicks.


First step "Protocol": DONE

  • Splinterlands developer has recently created the underlying protocol which is now done and ready to be live tested and developed on.
  • A huge part of this is no more cooldown on rented cards.
  • Another part is it will be in DEC now and PeakMonsters doesn't actually handle the payments or storing of funds (which we LOVE!!).

Second step "Manual Listings": Coming soon

  • PeakMonsters will replace the Manual system with the new protocol.
  • It will use DEC... prices will be shown in DEC with a side by side USD value there as well.
  • Rentals will be 1 day minimum and 1 day day locked.
  • Users will be able to store more funds for that card in the Splinterlands protocol but the key word is "STORE" the funds there for x days... it's not a guarantee of rental and after the 1 day minimum those rentals can be stopped by either side and whatever funds are stored will be returned to the renter. (Remember it's just a storage so you don't have to come back on the daily to re-rent)
  • PeakMonsters plans on showing you the value of that card if you were to buy that card on the market. Then compare it to if you were to rent that card at that price for 365 days and show you a yROA% (yearly return on asset) Because maybe you'd prefer to just buy the card or maybe it's way better to rent it.

Third Step "Assisted Manual"

  • We also hope to keep track of which rentals ended early (for our users) and hopefully which ones ended before the stored DEC got used up.
  • We hope we can help our users duplicate those rentals with the best possible deal really quickly when you sign in.
  • Meaning they'll see if any of their cards need to be re-rented and in a very quick amount of time have them all rented again. (Which should be easier the second time since we already know what it was you were previously renting)
  • This is not even close to as cool as the automated system which is much quicker and easier for renters and owners. Not to mention much more fair of pricing across the board. But assisted-manual is at least a good stop gap to help users before the auto rental system is done.

FINAL STEP: "Auto Rentals"

  • The idea is a renter will choose all the monsters they want and the levels they want... ONE TIME. (They do not pick cards... they pick the monsters/summoners)
  • Perhaps even just clicking a button to duplicate what is a popular deck.
  • We will then simply make sure they have those cards every day until they change their mind.
  • Pricing will be fair for renters and owners... no more with one side getting stuck into a bad deal for long periods of time.
  • If they want they can optionally set some limits on pricing.
  • They can also easily and quickly change the make up of their deck to add or remove whatever cards they want.
  • On the other side the hope is owners can literally just dump every card they want onto the auto-rental market in almost one click. Or they can be more picky about pricing if they desire.
  • The basis is with locked 1 day rentals renters will ALWAYS have the cards they want but it won't matter nor should they care about who they're getting the card from that day... in fact it may change up day to day and it will never matter to the renter.

There is some more fun secret sauce to the auto-rentals but I prefer to wait off on that for now.

While everything is still in development I can't 100% commit to anything but those are the present hopes and plans... Any questions?


Could you add a quick outline for the transition from the current system? For example:

  • Will you have a button to pause/cancel all OPEN contracts.
  • An option to end all current contracts instead of manually for those wanting to switch early?
  • Migration of current contracts?

I am curious as to what you see as a fair price for rentals. Is this some percentage of market price, or some formula that calculates based on demand/supply?

I assume you're asking these questions as RENTER?

  • There will be nothing called a pause... but canceling will be easy. Also step 2 indicates we would like to have a system where we remember what you have rented... so maybe we can have an easy way to restart your rentals pretty easy... so effectively it's similar to a pause.

  • We encourage owners and renters to switch to the new system and the old system will NOT be available anymore. But I don't think it's appropriate for us to mess with the contracts that are still happening. I think that's up to the owners and renters to figure out.

  • The new protocol will not be "CONTRACTS" they are day rentals with the option to store more funds to pay for future days (assuming the owner is ok with that)

  • I don't think it's appropriate for me to say what I think is a fair price for rentals... i think that should be up to the market to decide. And when we do an auto system that will still be up to the market to decide. And we will have a system and let's wait until we get closer to that 4th stage to discuss that.

As an owner, but this answers everything to the same effect 👍

I've recently reached 250+ cards rented out (majority sub cent), and I'm looking forward to seemlessly receiving DEC rather than Hive/HBD.

Could we have some sort of board that will tell us what cards are needed and estmated return?

I have a ton of single BCX cards for example which might never rent but, if there was a gap in the market, it might be worth my while combining them. I could probably work out the figures by hand but a "Needed today" board would be nice. 😊

I've never got around to renting out my spare cards but I love the idea of being able to "dump every card" I "want onto the auto-rental market in almost one click".

Yes some stats for owners letting them know where there is a shortage of liquidity would be great. It's another feature set in the rental system I would also like to see.

Exciting! I'm not selling any of my cards anymore when I open packs. Going to try to rent some of the extra out.

Excited for this update and those lonely little Alphas getting to play again

This post needs a lot more attention.

It's the best update to the game in a long time and has the possibility of adding huge value to the eco-system and to our decks.

I have lots of extra cards built up but don't bother renting as the system is slow and complicated. However with auto rentals it would be amazing to have them on the market for anybody to use with little to no effort and get some returns for what is sitting in my account doing nothing.