Beware Of "Last Stand" Ability From RARE Monster "EFREET ELDER"



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Whenever I get a new ability monster after I started playing this game, I battle using that monster and then explain everything about that monster and the monster's ability.

  • In my last Ranked Season Reward I got a new RARE monster called "EFREET ELDER". And after I got that monster, I am using this monster in most of my battle.

  • In this post I am going to share one of my battles using this monster "EFREET ELDER".

About The LineUp:

  • For this match mana cap was 13.
  • And played with the "Standard" battle rule.

Screenshot (643).png

I was using my FIRE Summoner "MALRIC INFERNO" along with "CERBERUS" in level 1, "EFREET ELDER" in level 1.

  • You can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link Of The Match

Now Let Me introduced you to The Cards I have Used In The Battle.


Malric Inferno (1).png

"MALRIC INFERNO" is a unique curiosity in the already diverse Burning Lands. He is a specter of fire with powerful attacks of his own, but he is also extraordinarily brilliant.

As a powerful specter fire attack, this Summoner can give extra +1 Melee attack power to the all-friendly monster.

It cost only 03 mana to use in the battle.



"CERBERUS" is a RARE FIRE monster that has the "Heal" ability. At level one, this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack
3 Speed
and 8 Health.

This 3 headed monster "CERBERUS" fights really well in battle. This monster has the unique "Heal" ability which restores a portion of this monster's health in each round. In that event, "CERBERUS" can survive for a long period of time in battle.

It cost only 04 mana to use in the battle.


Efreet Elder.png

"EFREET ELDER" is a RARE FIRE monster that has the "Last Stand" ability. At level one, this monster comes with,

1 Magic attack
3 Speed
and 8 Health.

I am really glad to see "EFREET ELDER" in my monster's list. This one has the most interesting ability which is Last Stand. "EFREET ELDER" has the ability to gain extra +1 Magic Attack, +2 Speed and +4 Health while this monster is battling alone against enemy monsters.

It cost only 06 mana to use in the battle.

Here Is Some Screen Shots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (644).png

Screenshot (645).png

Opponent's both Melee attack monster was attacking on my "CERBERUS". Though "CERBERUS" has the Heal ability which add extra +2 Health. But that wasn't good enough. These two enemy monsters was damaging total 4 Health.

Screenshot (646).png

Screenshot (648).png

Screenshot (650).png

Both monster from my side was trying to fight back but enemy monster's damage was to much. So despite having Heal ability, "CERBERUS" could not survive the battle for long. At the 2nd round, opponent's monster STONESPLITTER ORC killed my monster.

Screenshot (651).png

Screenshot (652).png

At this moment "EFREET ELDER" was standing alone in front of the enemy monsters. With 1 Magic attack power and 8 Health, It was literally impossible for him to win the battle. But this is the moment when "EFREET ELDER" shows his true form. He gain extra +1 Magic Attack, +2 Speed and +4 Health because of his Last Stand ability.

Screenshot (654).png

Screenshot (657).png

Screenshot (661).png

After that opponent's monsters had no chance against "EFREET ELDER". As the Magic power increased this monster was doing extra damage and also opponent's monster "MINOTAUR WARRIOR" miss hit the "EFREET ELDER" once due to increase of Speed. Also the increase of health keep this monster alive long enough to kill all the enemy monster.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (662).png

As I won this match, I got 0.728 Dec and +14 League Rating.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done with the "Last Stand".
I talked about this ability in a post before and I liked it (this ability) way too much after that battle that I talked about.
Keep on battling.