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Greetings Splinterlands Warriors,

Hope all of you are having a great time. Welcome back to my another splinterlands post. As all of us are in lockdown right now so most of the time I used to spend in this game so I am having a great time with it.

  • Today in this blog post, I will try to explain "Why It's So Important To Use A "Tank Heel" Ability Monster In A Battle." And yes if you use a "Tank Heel" Ability monster in a correct position, you can win a battle very easily.

About The Match:

Screenshot (425).png

  • For this match mana cap was 18.
  • And played with the "Fog Of War"(Monster loss their sneak and snipe ability) rule.

Screenshot (443).png

I was using my EARTH Summoner "WIZARD OF EASTWOOD" along with "FLESH GOLEM" in level 1, "WOOD NYMPH" in level 1, "KHMER PRINCESS" in level 1.

Now Let Me introduced you with The Cards I have Used In The Battle.


Wizard of Eastwood.png

The Wizard of Eastwood is the long-time rival of the Magi of the Forest. The Magi no longer summons, but teaches new summoners from his Summoner's Green school in the Western Forest. The Wizard of Eastwood, who had chosen a life of selfish seclusion so many years ago, has suddenly returned as a formidable contending summoner to the Mount Mox tournaments.Source

It cost only 3 mana cap to use in the battle and has the ability to decrease -2 Armor of every Enemy monsters.


Nectar Queen.png

"NECTAR QUEEN" is a COMMON Earth Monster which has the "Flying" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

4 Melee attack,
2 Speed,
10 Health with "FLYING" ability.

I still remember getting this card as a reward in the Daily Quest. It is very powerful and damageable card with it's 4 Melee attack. and also it can take a lot of damage from the enemy monsters because of huge health(10). "FLYING" ability helps this monster to dodge attacks from enemy monsters.

It cost only 9 mana to use in a battle.


Wood Nymph.png

"WOOD NYMPH" is an COMMON EARTH monster which has the "Tank Heal" ability. At level one, this monster comes with,

1 Magic attack
1 Speed
2 Health.

This "WOOD NYMPH" is a very found of frenzy of mischief. This bud Is a source of life. With the help of "Tank Heal" ability, this monster healed up the health of first position monster's each and every round in the battle. But as "WOOD NYMPH" has only 2 health and lowest Speed, this monster can't get any chance against enemy monsters.

It cost only 04 mana to use in the battle.


Khmer Princess.png

"KHMER PRINCESS" is an RARE EARTH monster which has no ability. At level one, this monster comes with,

1 Magic attack
1 Speed
2 Health.

This "KHMER PRINCESS" is not that much of useful monster in a battle. But yes as a Magic attack monster it has priority in any battle

It cost only 04 mana to use in the battle.

Here Is Some Screen Shots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (443).png

We were both using the same EARTH Summoner "WIZARD OF EASTWOOD" and the same attacking power monster. Even the two of us were using "NECTAR QUEEN" as a Melee attacking monster. When I found out that "Snipe" Ability Monster could not be used in this battle, I decided to use my "WOOD NYMPH" without any hesitations.

Screenshot (423).png

Screenshot (427).png

Screenshot (429).png

Screenshot (432).png

The two of us had same kind of fighting power. Opponent's 2 Magic attack monsters "SPIRIT SHAMAN" and "KHMER PRINCESS" and one Melee attack monster "NECTAR QUEEN" was hitting my "NECTAR QUEEN" one by one and damaging 6 health of it. The same was happening for my opponent. My magic attack monsters and Melee attack monster was hitting opponent's "NECTAR QUEEN" one by one and damaging 6 health of it. The difference, however, was that I was using "Wood NYMPH" which has "Tank Heal" ability. This ability Restores a portion of monster in the first position's health each round. As a result after each round "Wood NYMPH" heal up my "NECTAR QUEEN" with 3 health.

Screenshot (437).png

Screenshot (438).png

Screenshot (439).png

Screenshot (441).png

At round 3 when my opponent lost his "NECTAR QUEEN", my "NECTAR QUEEN" was alive with only 1 Health. If a magic attack monster from the enemy side hits my "NECTAR QUEEN", it can die. But then again my "Wood NYMPH" came forward to help him. With it's ability "NECTAR QUEEN" get extra +3 health. The rest opponent's magic attack monster had no chance against my monsters. The were absolutely demolished by my monsters.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (442).png

As I won this match, I got 1.101 Dec and +34 League Rating.


That's all for today.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Yes, in the lower leagues the ability to heal is very important. Thank you and stay strong in the battles.


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