Today I drawing of a Splinterlands battle Card : MIGHTY DRICKEN


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This is my entry to Splinterlands Card Art .
How to Draw of art MIGHTY DRICKEN

Keep an eye out for how it Draw

The drawing was made in my hand
with .....
What I drew with

Necessary Materials

1. Pencil

2. Color Pencil

3. Poster Color

4. Color Paper

5.Poster Color

Today Art Concept: MIGHTY DRICKEN


The great leader of the chicken uprising known only as the Alpha Chicken wanted more. With his regular chicken body, he could squawk at the Human overlords and peck at the chicken-wire of oppression, but to lead a true rebellion, the Alpha Chicken needed true power. This is where the Dragons came in.

The rebelling chicken forces had laid waste to several farms of East Brynn and they were not slowing, when their leader had a fateful meeting with a treacherous Gloridax sorcerer named Lubiyo. The sorcerer convinced the chickens to stop their onslaught of Draykh-Nahka by offering the Alpha Chicken power that he could not refuse.

As the chicken forces waited, Lubiyo led the Alpha Chicken to the genetic facilities at night when everything was locked. They broke in, and using a combination of dark nether magic and Gloridax chemistry, the Alpha Chicken was transformed forever that night. This was not a Gloridax-sanctioned enhancement, and Lubiyo is currently on the lam, a high priority fugitive of the Dragonsguard.

Now the leader of the chicken uprising is a giant and wild terror. Standing just shorter than a man, he is now a carrier of the Fire Blood; a Dragon. No longer must he powerlessly flap wings of feather. Not only can he fly, but now he can slash and split his enemies with his razor-sharp wings. No longer must he squawk until his voice is raw. Now he can breathe fire. He is the Mighty Dricken.

Card Source

See The First look

At First i Draw the outline with pencil


See next look


See next look


See next look


See next look


See The Final look


I really very happy and enjoyed drawing this Art.

I finished today, I will come again tomorrow to draw a new picture. All will be well.

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