My 2nd Season's Rewards - Splinterlands


15 Loot chests!!

  • Here we are at my 2nd season's end, I was previously around 1500 Rating with around 43,000 Power.

  • Here's what my current status looks like:
    Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.44.33 AM.png

  • My rating went down by half and has put me back in Bronze 1 but it looks like I still have access to Silver 3 and maybe Silver 2 if I fill up my Rating bar due to my Power still being at 43,000 -- which means my most recent rentals haven't run out. After my current rentals run out, I think I'll be stuck in Silver 3 until I get more cards or new rentals.

  • There was a brief period where Splinterlands was under maintenance but after about 20 or 30 minutes, I was greeted with this window:
    Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.38.56 AM.png

  • I quickly clicked CLAIM REWARDS because I was so excited and this is what I saw next: 15 Loot Chests!
    Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.39.42 AM.png

  • I know I'll have access to a lot more chests than 15 in the future but so far this is the most chests I've ever been awarded since my first season's end awarded me with 7 Loot Chests-- so in 15 days I've doubled my number of Season's End Loot Chests which feels pretty awesome.

  • After a short pause, I happily clicked on each loot chest like a kid opening wrapped presents on their birthday!

  • Here's what was inside:
    Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.41.37 AM.png

    1 Djinn Renova from the Neutral Splinter
    2 Venari Heatsmiths from Fire Splinter
    1 Pelacor Mercenary from Earth Splinter
    1 Pelacor Bandit from Water Splinter
    1 Twilight Basilisk from Dragon Splinter
    1 Gargoya Lion from Neutral Splinter
    4 Alchemy Potions
    1 Legendary Potion
    33 Dark Energy Crystals

  • Overall I'm pretty happy with my 2nd season's rewards. It feels like I won a week's worth of items in a single day which is really nice. I'm a little curious about why my Rating was sent back to 700 in Bronze 1 League instead of 1000 in Silver 3 League-- but that just means I get to do way more battles than I expected. A big part of the fun in Splinterlands are the battles so I can't wait to earn back my Rating points which shouldn't be too difficult because my rentals on Fire Splinter summoner Yodin Zaku and Death Splinter summoner Mimosa Nighshade haven't run out yet.

  • Looks like I have no choice but to jam out to some more nonstop fun in Splinterlands!

Image & GIF Source: Splinterlands website & GIPHY website


I don't understand the seasons on Splinterlands either. I battled my way to Silver 1 last season, and ended up back in Bronze this season, with half my rating points gone. The game is fun, but the demotion was disappointing. I need to read more of the FAQ to understand. I thought this ecosystem was simple, but it's not, actually quite complicated.

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