These Hotheads will Blast you

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Anger is volatile and is like a fire that consumes everything in its wake. In the context of Splinterlands, monsters with Blast ability embody that fiery aggression that comes with the said anger. These hotheads are pissed off and when they hit an opponent, they also hit the monster beside it.

As you get more familiar with the game, you'll learn new things about the game that you can employ to kick ass. The blast ability just happens to be one of them and that's the reason why Yodin Zaku summoner remains the baddest around the area, as far as I'm concerned.

The Battle

In this magic intensive battle, I lost against a formidable opponent who coincidentally employed the services of a monster a Blasty monster.

Based on the rules of the match, I feel like I was set up pretty well and my plan was to capitalise on Gandalf the Summoner's buff, which is to boos magic. Since Weak Magic wasn't activated, I was hoping to put my opponent out of his/her misery quick but alas, life had other plans.

Well I learned that over-reliance on one type of monster(in this case, magic) isn't healthy, and if you come up against an opponent that's prepared, you'd get your ass beat.

Monster of The Day

Ruler Of The Seas


I'm having trouble with generating this card with the code, so I had to use a screenshot. In the spirit of Blast energy, this badass Legendary Water Monster has that boom boom pow you need to wack your enemies and whoever is adjacent. I feel bad for anyone who puts the Kraken or any of those monsters that attract all the hits because you're going to be in for a rude awakening.

I generally favour magic monsters because they don't fuck around. They go straight to the health and could topple some of the biggest badasses that have a shield.

The worst thing that can happen to you while using this monster is meeting an opponent that keeps Lord Arianthus and Prismatic energy or other magic reflectors side by side. In the off chance that happens, your blast energy is going to be the cause of your downfall because all that blast damage will come back to you.

Other Blasters

Other than magic cards, there are other blasters around Splinterlands. Here are two other blasters in the other two categories that I like.

Exploding Dwarf

No seriously, look at this dude and tell me he ain't angry. I swear this guy has anger issues and should be avoided at all cost. He's basically a kamikaze pilot when used in the frontline with normal rules but, in the off chance that you can place him in the midst of your pack when all melee monsters either have sneak or attack from everywhere, you can watch this guy blast the shit out of your opponents with his armour piercing anger.

Fire Elemental

If you wanted proof that all the blasters are angry then go no further than this ranged monster that literally throws bombs at the opponent. I like to keep her at the back, and so she's susceptible to being hit by those sneaky devils...if they can because she's slippery and fast.

In Summary

My advice is that you get one of these guys on your team because they turn all that anger into pure destructive energy that can come in handy in a battle and get you out of a fix.

Yodin Zaku stands out because when you use him, all your monsters in battle have this wicked ability. I've felt that wrath before my people, and it was very ugly.

That's it, for now my people, thanks for reading and I'll be blasting off to the battleground now. Later!!!


Duuuude. First, it took me a second, but I got the Ruler from the thingy (it's late my words are mooshy)...

Here's the url:

Okay okay okay. Yes. It seems you're right...all blasters are angry! But whatcha gonna do? 🤣@carrieallen

Oh damn, so that's how it works. Monsters with more than two words as their name were giving me a headache, thanks for sorting that out.

Can't do anything about their anger at this point, I'm just going to make sure they're on my team and kicking ass for me. But damn, such anger 😆.

Even that little dude that carries dynamites looks angry, think the name is Solo Miner. 😆

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