WTF drop!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Okay... most of my drops from Untamed cards are pretty ho-hum. Sometimes, I'm super lucky and I get a Legendary... but more often than not, I'm pretty chuffed if I get a Rare or Epic card that isn't a summoner. The other day, I just passed the 2000 DEC mark in liquid DEC. Usually at this point, I tend to consider if I want to spend the DEC on buffing some of cards with whatever is cheap on the market at the moment... or if I will just splurge and treat myself to an Untamed Pack.

This time... I tried the Untamed Pack.

Now, one Legendary in a pack is already a cause for running around the room feeling pretty happy with your lucky fingers! Two is unheard of... two GOLD LEGENDARIES is like finding the elusive Higgs Boson on your first shot. Top that off with an Epic card, and another Gold foil as well... and it appears that weird normal common card is the odd one out!

So, my deck is currently built around fielding the regular Beta summoners at Level 6. This means that I can generally finish in one of the Platinum tiers at the end of the season. I don't really have the desire to sink money into getting a tier higher, and to go further means more of an investment in time and treasure than I'm willing to expend.

That means that gold foils and additional summoners are actually of little value to me. They are worth more to me in terms of how they can be used to buff up my regular cards. So, Parasitic Growth and the War Chang are definite keepers. Meanwhile, the Serpentine Spy is a definite dump to the market.

Meanwhile, the Gold Scarred Llama Mage and the Gold Camila Sungazer.... wow, there are only a few of each of these in circulation, and it would be tempting to hold on to them for just sheer cool factor. However, I'm acutely aware that coolness factor is not really worth much in practical terms... much in the same way that I think of the current NFT craze.

So, onto the market they will both go.

The Gold Scarred Llama Mage seems to have had a better price finding at play already, with the price being on the order of 150 USD or so. Still, there are only 4 of them on the open market at the moment. Meanwhile, the Camila Sungazer sits at around 500 USD. Whilst it is tempting to think that they would actually sell at that price... I doubt that they will.

So, we get to point... what is their intrinsic worth to me. Utility wise, they worth zero to me... I can't use them effectively. Price wise, they are worth whatever I can get for it... but it is more critical that I sell them rather than hold them. Maybe someone else has a better appreciation or utility for these two cards. I suspect that it will be better to just sell them at a discount to the last market price, just to get them off my hands and converted into something that has more utility to me.

Keep an eye out for these two... this has been the most memorable drop in Splinterlands for me... but in the end, I need to be pragmatic and realise that they two awesome cards just don't have the value to me that someone else might find in them!

Splinterlands (aka the best blockchain game out there!)

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This is probably the best opening I have ever seen. Congrats for getting two legendary gold foil summoners in one pack. You can do the math for the probability of this and it has very, very, very, very, very low odds. Normally I don't upvote opening posts but this one is special. 100% upvote!

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It's tiny... just to get two gold foils or two legendaries is pretty damn small! Let alone two gold legendaries! I am completely stunned!

Plus, they could have been legendary monsters but they are BOTH summoners! They are way more valuable, especially in gold foil. Just incredible!

HSTF! Those are summoners too. Congrats.

Utterly amazing, although... I don't know what HSTF is?

Hell S#%t the F#%k

Oh right, that fits!


More like unbelievable!

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Thanks for the support and curation!

wow, thought you were joking so had to check the explorer

2 GLF summoners in one pack? Best pack ever?

Congrats dude, can buy a holiday with that!

I don't blame you for checking! I had to kick myself when it happened, just to check I was awake!

Congrats with the cards. I do not play but I can see it means a lot to you ;)

A bit of extra cash does not hurt nowadays

Thanks! I like playing the game, but I know that I can't really use these cards effectively, even if they are pretty amazing!

Extraordinary! What a pack opening!
The chances of this must be extremely small.

Small... tiny! I still can't believe it happened!

WTF!!!! Gratz

Exactly... there really is no other way to describe it!

Wow, very nice, I have been trying to get this in my over 25,000 packs opened and most of the time its one gold and one none gold, and I have pulled off a gold legendary and gold epic in same pack a few times but this I have been waiting for. lol Congrats that's pretty cool.

Wow, 25000 packs! Definitely your turn next!

Yea, its probably more lol between Splinterlands and other markets. lol

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 47 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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