My First Taste Of The Champions League

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Hey Splinterlands fans

Its the end of the season and we're getting our rewards today, this season is the first time I've broken out of diamond into champions league 3 after MANY seasons of playing so this is my highest finish and I am pretty chuffed about that.


It entitles me to 80 loot crates plus 16 loot crates for my daily rewards and I managed to rack up enough DEC to purchase one untamed pack. So I've got plenty to get through in my recap of the season so let's begin.

Daily Reward

I managed to score 4 cards in my daily reward and one of them was a Gold Sand Worm worth $1.5 so my day got off to a good start

Screenshot 20200630 at 08.54.52.png

End of season reward

My end of season rewards weren't too great, did manage to pull 5 rares and couple of epics and 6 of them were part of the new reward cards which I'm pretty stoked about, loving the ant miners lol I got 31 cards with a total value of $1

Screenshot 20200630 at 08.55.27.png

Screenshot 20200630 at 08.55.13.png

Untamed packs

I pulled out two untamed packs one with the DEC I had and I also got one as part of my end of season rewards, very cool, the first time that's happened. I managed to add an Azmare Harpoonist to my deck, which I've never had and got 10 cards with a total value of $0.87

Screenshot 20200630 at 08.53.59.png

Screenshot 20200630 at 08.53.49.png


As you well now when you get your end of season rewards its a good idea to see if you can upgrade some monsters and I managed to find 3 that could do with a boost

Silvershield Assassin

Moves up to level 5, no attribute upgrades but its now a terrible threat, with a new ability in poison, which works well when combined with its sneak and double strike.

Screenshot 20200630 at 09.47.41.png

Kobold Bruiser

On the untamed side I moved this one up to level 2, nothing much really, the card is worth $0.05 and has increased its HP from 3 to 4.

Screenshot 20200630 at 09.47.49.png

Gremlin Blaster

This rare bad boy is now on level 5 and worth $0.67, its upgrade saw it lose on HP down from 3 to 2, but it has picked up the stun ability which is cool

Screenshot 20200630 at 09.47.55.png

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? What did you score this season? How high did you finish?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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