Splinterlands 69 My Time To Shine

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Yo Splinterlands players

Today started out like any other it’s Sunday so I’m lying in bed and decided to play a little @splinterlands on my phone while I muster the strength to workout! I completed my daily quest and got my rewards, which I would say wasn’t too bad picking up one epic and a rare, $0.25 worth of cards, nothing too shabby.

Daily Quest Rewards

Untamed pack

I then noticed I had enough DEC for a pack and decided to purchase one! My 5 cards came and BOOM! This sucker just exploded onto my screen!

A legendary card, which already had me stoked I hadn’t picked up one for some time now!

As I do with legendary cards I went to check it’s stats.


Gold Dark Ha’on

But what there’s more! I wiped the sleep from my eye and noticed something oh wait this is not just an ordinary legendary card but a gold one!

Worth a massive $69 or 50 000 DEC!!! To illustrate how huge this is, this one card is worth 15% of my entire deck lol!

How I scored this one I don’t know but man does it feel good to be a Splinterlands gangster Right now

There are 6 others for sale on the market right now with the highest asking price at $100!! and only 62 available in circulation, Insane, I feel like I just hit the big leagues


This card is a beast coming with 3 abilities already

  • Taunt
  • Flying
  • Scavenger

I'll be taking this for a test run pretty soon, and see how it handles.


Scholars of Khymeria have studied the shapeshifting, mystical beasts known as Ha'on extensively since their appearance ten years ago. At an early age, each Ha'on chooses a single power form, into which they can transform. Their time is then divided into their original humanoid form and the power form, which takes a considerable amount of energy to maintain for long periods of time. The Human forms of Ha'on are recognizable by their frightening single-coloured eyes, a trait with which they are endowed when they realize their full shapeshifting potential. The Dark Ha'on is one of the strongest Ha'on, taking the power form of a large flying cat.

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What do you good people of HIVE think? Have you ever pulled a card this major? It’s my first ever and I’m so stoked

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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It is a nice Sunday when you take a card of this nature. :)

Lol I'm hoping for more 69 dollar Sundays, 69 is clearly my lucky number

Nice score👍

Lol totally gassed about it, didn't even know these things would drop at random, feel a renewed reasons. keep playing.


Thanks, lol doesn't happen every day so had to shout about it

So good to be in your shoes.


Lol for once yes, it feels great :)