The Importance Of Upgrading Your Summoners

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Hey Splinterlands fans

Summoners are a critical part of the Splinterlands game, you need a summoner in each Splinter to be able to call on those monsters, or you'll need a dragon summoner to tap into any Splinter. Each Summoner has its pros and cons, and depending on your deck and style; you may opt for one over the other.

I currently have 17 different summoners all on various levels that allow me to tap into various effects and give you advantages in battle as well as tapping into individual monsters abilities, should your Summoner be on a high level. There are around 33 different summoners last time I checked, and I'm sure more will be on the way in the future.


Summoner abilities

Each Summoner has its base ability; this could be adding additional shield or hit points, improving magic or ranged attacks or even giving all monsters a unique ability. Summoners set the tone of your strategy and allow you to create exciting team combinations.

Summoners don't drop as regularly in packs and rewards as the battle cards do so many times you're stuck with the Summoner at the level you have, and you'll need to sell or burn cards, earn DEC to get the Summoners you need or additional cards to level up your summoners.

This makes these cards even more valuable and why you should ensure you level up your summoners as soon and as cheaply as possible.

Summoner limits

Just like your battle cards, your Summoner also has levels, as you improve your Summoner it allows you to tap in or if not restrict the abilities of your battle party. The higher your summoners level, the more capabilities your monsters can leverage and even increase their various stats and battle at their highest potential.

Screenshot 20200816 at 13.53.45.png

Summoners may be an expensive purchase when compared to other cards, but what they can bring to your party is well worth it. Unlocking your decks full potential and allowing you to win rewards and tournaments can easily help you pay off what you spent to acquire and level up your Summoner.

So what is your favourite Summoner at the moment?

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I am absolutly addicted to this game, and I dont know exactly how many summoners I have, but I did lvl up all my original summoners as I often meet People with maxed ones 😜
My new favorite is Mimosa, she kicks butt and I just maxed her so I use her alot.
Lots of Great pointers here my friend and I Will resteem it to as it can help many players.

I have some of the expensive summoner but only lvl 2 and 3 so I have to lvl them up so I can use my best cards.

Thank you for Great info and good luck on the battlefield 😉👍

Damn you took the summoner game to the next level but you’re fighting with the big boys! I have no rare summoners but I hold my own now and then lol!

The game sure is fun and with all the updates it does make it worth coming back each day, I think they’ve got something good

I can’t wait for the next set of updates like owning land and all that Jazz, will be pretty Epic

Also are you a Lone Ranger or are you part of a guild?

Yes I reached champion 1 last 4 seasons and I have to say it is a struggle to get there as I meet so many with maxed cards and summoner that I don’t have.
But I don’t give up and I hope to make it this season to.

I have no idea how that owning land and such Will work, but YES it is exciting.
I am in Thealliance Guild and many good players in there and we support each other.
How about you? Part of a guild?

I can't imagine, as soon as I get to champ 3 I start getting knocked about lol, but its all in good fun, growing my deck and trying to out play the big boys when I can

You can check out apps like decentraland, that's what I think it could be like, but who knows.

I am part of a guild, lol still don't know what to make of it though

Mim0 for the win!

She is awesome. I'm addicted to winning by hexing.

With around 30 mana it's fairly easy to wipe 2 damage off both magic and ranged, and if you play a double void upfront with a healer, it's tough for your opponent to do damage.

Super option for equalizer, I don't think I've lost a battle yet.

The only thing I'm missing in my life deck is cleanse and triage. If I knew of a card that did either I'd probably max it straight away. Especially cleanse.

Yes.. MimO to the win 😉
And for me my Lord of darkness is a favorite from day 1, use him almost every time to and with Mimosa... Awsome 😁

Wow... That is a great idea, and I need to try that myself.
You seem to kick serious butt 😉 and max our best ones is the best way to win.
I hope you find a triage and cleanse, wish I could help you there but I think you know better than me.

Good luck on the battlefield and have a wonderful week my friend 🌺

He's pretty awesome in those 12 mana battles you know!

Buying a maxed one of those was certainly one of my best purchases in the recent Beta whale sell off!

The Daria and Dwelvin both are my favorite ones. Being dragon they allow me to use monsters from.all the splinters + neutrals + dragon summoners. Just becomes deadly.

You might also want to consider the choice of summoners based on the rulesets for that particular battle. Matters a lot.

Daria has saved my ass more times than I can count, if I can't beat someone with Daria then I have no hope. Dwelvin, I've upgraded but they take too much Manna so its a toss up to when I can use it maybe in unlimited manna battles

Same here. Daria is my personal favourite. I regret the times when I used to not like Daria in rewards and would wish for legendary monsters.

Reminds me that I need to up my summons game. Been playing with the same ones for a long time now.

Totally worth it, earlier I used to sell or burn cards to level up mine but now that we have DEC I can just keep stacking that to buy a card I need

I need to get more summoners! My level 3 ones are really killing me but I'm attempting to hold out for getting my booster packs. I think I've settled and will be spending 100k DEC and buying the last 100k DEC in order to achieve this lol I am earning such shitty amounts of DEC in my battles that I can't hope to get to 200k DEC before the untamed packs run out. Sitting at 46k DEC right now but it's definitely a slow crawl. Had two lucky openings this morning and got 1k DEC each time in my daily rewards.

I'm trying not to FOMO anymore with this game and just keep riding it out, I've started to stack my DEC too I'm now up to 10k lol its quite the slog indeed. I'm kinda waiting to see how the next phase of updates go and I know DEC is going to be part of more stuff like land and so I want to stack up so I can be the first to get in on things like that

I got 1.5K DEC today i was shocked, my biggest pick up EVER

Funny how many summoners already exist in the game. We have come a long way. Nice little guide.

Lol I guess that's what makes it interesting, we all get handed summoners and then try to build strategies around them

Nice quick summery. Great reminder for some players to check their teams. Thanks for sharing!

curated by @travelgirl

Why thank you @travelgirl you are far too kind! Hope to never run into you on the battlefield lol

Very fair point, I think some of the untamed summoners are very cheap ATM, even the legendary ones.

I snapped up a maxed Valnamor the other day, I don't think they're going to be cheaper , traded in my two level 6 Alrics and a few other cards.

I actually need to do that, max out valnamor, thanks I'll do it now, I also don't think its going to become any cheaper, gotta grab these bargains while you can

And the single cards aren't that much more expensive than the maxed ATM!

No one's buying my second Alric though.

@chekohler, I am missing this Game for sure. Keep up with your Value Adding Journey and stay blessed always.

Thanks man!