There's Levels To This Game: Levelling Up The Old Guard

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Hey Splinterlands fans

Another three more days to go to the end of the season and I'm hoping to hit Diamond 1 soon, If I could ever make it to Champion that would be epic, still haven't been able to break that one yet, the grind has gotten me far, but I think collecting cards at random to try and level up makes it a lot harder to build a team that can challenge. Still, hey, it's fun none the less.


Kicking them up a level

So in my aim to crack champion, I've checked out what cards I've picked up over the last few days and tried to combine them to level up and also spent some DEC on cards I was close to levelling up.

I managed to level up six cards which I hope will help me crack champions level soon, or at least get me a little closer.

Highlands archer

I was short about 11 cards on this one, so I bought some and jacked him up to level 8, which scores me one additional HP point taking it 5, with its four speed and two damage, it's looking like a decent range attacker for only 3 Manna

Highlands archer


I was one short on this one and levelled up this beta bad boy to level 3 and unlocked the stun ability which can come in handy I know because its been used on me a few times. lol


Creeping Ooze

The most badass one manna monster we all love the creeping ooze, I moved up to level 8 now, which gives it an additional speed point :) and when you combine that with its slow ability, this monster can turn a match on its head.

Creeping Ooze

Sea Monster

Kicked this beast up to level 8 now and it's an absolute savage with thorns and healing, ten health and an attack of 5, this monster owns on the battlefield, well worth upgrading as far as you can.

Sea Monster

Rusty Android

I remember the time when this was the card we all hated because we got it in rewards so much and now we've moved on and realised how badass this card is when levelled up. I managed to run this one up to level 8, and now it has an additional attack point to move it up to 4. Rusty can be a beast when your opponent is using magic; it can take monsters apart pretty quickly.

Rusty Android


I picked up a reward Pyromancer recently and had enough to kick him up to level 2 which gives me one additional HP point which isn't too bad, gives me perhaps an extra turn to dish out damage from range and that blast ability sure comes in handy.


What's your strategy?

Do you level up only the cards you win? Do you buy cards to level up? Do you trade to level up? Do you just buy high-level cards you need?

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Do you level up your cards?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I am not into games, but I sure wish you to achieve your desired Champion level!

Thank you, thats very sweet of you :) hope soo too! The crypto you win in the process is a nice bonus and basically my main motivation for playing

Crypto king, that's very cool. Keep on doing it, I am sure you will achieve your goal!

my strategy is "play, earn cards, see all goldcards and legandary cards disapear to minisharks deck".
New season.
Play Earn Robbed.

I think it is a very good strategy. Pretty similar to
pay tax

LOL you just never get a break do you? I hope Minishark knows how hard it is to earn those cards, I hardly get any of them

Well I went sometimes to my parents and sleep without be disturb.

Lol aren't you too old to be running to mommy and daddy for help?

If you get children - You will understand that sleeping is more value than gold and silver.

LOL! Let me still live in the dream world for now then, besides minishark doesn’t sound like he causes a lot of trouble just give him $1000 in DEC and he will be fine

Thanks ! "just give the boy some money". SOunds like a good way to raise children.
Just have to give that idea to @mimismartypants

I will give you my daughter and minishark can have a sister for one night just so I can sleep. 🤣

My strategy is to only level up Reward Cards, and only if I can make them level up to my max level. I use rented Summoners up to level 4 which allow me to easily reach GOLD II sometimes GOLD I before the end of every season.

So my Max level is usually Lv5 for Common monsters and lower for Rare/Epic/Legendary monsters. I tend to rent half of my team though, it's fun and more profitable to have of Gold foils.

I regret not having levelled up all my previous rewards cards and selling them, thinking oh they suck ill always be getting them, now I know better and I'm doing as much as I can to secure the highest level just like you. I've not yet rented any cards just trying to get by on what I can win

Yeah, sometimes you get too many Reward cards that you feel if you sell them you'll get a replacement soon, but that's not guaranteed and each card has a limited copies in print.

Exactly and now I see how if I levelled them up to their max they really come in handy and all I need to buy is summoners to get the most out of them

You have been choosing for a %5 beneficiary in my post today! I'm rotating people who interact with my articles to receive %5 of my post rewards! A new idea I decided to try to boost interaction/comments on my articles.

I usually only choose people who post gaming content as it's my niche but I loved how you have something to say on every comment I write on your posts.

Fiest leve up the normal foil, hold the GF and sell them for jormal foil upgrade ..

Sounds like a good plan, I’ll try to level up some more to sell mostly been focusing on my best few that drag me up the leaderboard

My strategy is much like yours.

and how far has it gotten you? Whats the highest finish you got to? Is their a specific set of cards you focus on always using?