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Hope you all doing good and are safe wherever you are!!!
This blog is all about the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge by @splinterlands and the theme monster for this week is a Water Splinter magic monster of Coral Wraith which is also a special monster because it's a sneak attack monster.
So, Coral Wraith is as we discussed above, is an epic magic monster from Water splinter belonging to Untamed edition of cards.
It's one of the lesser used monsters when it's at lower level and also because of the other nice monsters from Water splinter.


As for stats for this monster are concerned, we can see from above chart that, it's a monster with low magic attack starting with 2 and increases to 3 in the final level i.e. level 6.
The speed also starts on lower side with starting speed of 2 and that increases 3 from level 2 itself and that's the max speed it can have.
It doesn't have any armors and the health starts at 2 and can go up to 4 in the final level.
As for it's abilities, it has sneak ability from level 1 and gets rust ability from level 4.


Battle and Lineup:


Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=6fe42759432bdc96d14b99fbd7ca951ff8af622e&ref=coolguy123

This was a battle with enough MANA cap of 42 and had rule sets of Healed Out (No healing) and Fog of War (No melee attack monsters allowed).
I used 5 magic monsters with Lord Arianthus at the front and since healing was out of equation, I didn't use any monsters which heal tank.


1. Lord Arianthus:

Since we can expect magic monsters in this battle, I used Lord Arianthus at the front since it has the void and magic reflect and even the shield ability to get reduced damage from ranged attack monsters.
This in combination with prismatic Energy in second position is one of the best against magic attack since both can magic reflect.

2. Prismatic Energy:

As I said above, since I was expecting magic monsters in this battle, I used this in second position which can also magic reflect just like Lord A and even a good option to be used as front monster once Lord A gets removed as this monster is with good health and also has void ability just like Lord A.

3. Spirit Miner:

I use this monster for it's Swift ability as that means that extra speed to attack first and take advantage.
This also gives 3 useful magic attack to top that speed increasing ability and even can blind opponent's monsters to make them miss the attack.

4. Ruler Of The Seas:

One of the most used Water Splinter monsters, I use this in almost all the battles as this too increases the speed besides reducing the magic attack from opponent's lineup of monsters.
It also gives that useful 4 magic attack plus 2 more with blast ability.

5. Coral Wraith:

Theme monster of the week, Coral Wraith is one of the less used monsters by me because of better options, but I do use this whenever there are little league battles.

6. Captain's Ghost:

Captain's Ghost monster is useful against **all kind of monsters since it has that affliction ability to take ut healing from a tank heal monster.
It also has the Oppress ability to attack with double attack than usual when there is a no attack monster infront of it like Lord A.
I particularly use this monster for affliction ability besides it's useful 4 magic attack.

Opponent used Death splinter with summoner Mimosa Nightshade with monsters Lord of the Darkness, Sthulhu, Fallen Specter, Twisted Jester, Tower Griffin and Hydra in his lineup.



As soon as I saw opponent using Mimosa Nightshade summoner, I felt I have a better chance of winning this since healing was not there and Mimosa's ability of reducing ranged attack didn't affect me since I didn't use any ranged attack monsters.

Round 1:

Lord of Darkness is fearsome against melee and ranged attack monsters but vulnerable against magic attack since it can't attack back against magic and the same happened in this round.
Although it could attack Lord Arianthus in this round, it got removed against the combined magic attack I used and it was the only monster to get removed in this round.


Round 2:

2 monsters bowed out in this round one each from both sides.
While Lord A for me was on the verge of getting removed by the end of last round, it has to get removed and opponent lost Fallen Specter against blast magic of Ruler of the Seas.


Round 3:

Sthulhu and Twisted Jester for opponent have to go in this round against the magic attack and with that, only Tower Griffin and Hydra were remaining by the end of this round.


Round 4:

Tower Griffin being a ranged attack monster, can't attack from the front position and got removed in this round and bringing Hydra to the front.


Round 5:

double swift from Ruler of the Seas and Spirit Miner made the monsters I used to attack first and in this round, Hydra got removed before it could attack and that was the end of the battle!!!!



Questions and Answers:

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

It was a good lineup and since healing was not there, the magic attack was a good option to win this battle rather easily.
If I wasn't using this lineup, I would have gone to death splinter monsters to use Dark Ha'On at the back end to divert the attack.

Do I like the CORAL WRAITH? Why or why not?

I like it, but I don't use it much since there are other better options like Medusa and all and I use those more than Coral Wraith.


That was a nice battle and defeating any Legendary summoner will be a dream for any battler and I felt the same in this battle against Mimosa Nightshade summoner.
Opponent probably was expecting a melee attack heavy lineup and it was a total opposite since Fog of War sule set was there.
Thanks like any time for all the support and comments I get on my blogs and I continue to write more and more blogs because of all the support.

Thanks and Have a wonderful Tuesday :)


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This is really well put together. I've learned some new stuff but also I'm inspire to put a bit more into my own write-ups. Cheers.

Thank you, I have been improving myself with each blog I write about Splinterlands and other topics as someone said practice makes man perfect :)

Happy that this blog inspired you to write more.

Keep writing, @splinterlands team is always supportive about bloggers and enjoying the battles is equally important :)

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

whenever I am able to, i always use lord arihanthus at front in water matches. very good line up there man. Thank you for posting in both ENG and ITA. Keep playing SL and post awesome content like this one.

Thank you @mango-juice, I use Lord A almost every time I play with Water splinter :)

I always enjoying battling it out on Splinterlands and writing about the same is also a pleasure as I get a flow without any disturbance when I write about Splinterlands :)

splinterlands rocks cool graphics!

Thank you Marcus :)
Splinterlands always fascinates me and inspires me to write blogs :)

He's a decent magic monster without the sneak, good job!

@tipu curate

Thank you :)
Yeah, nice one and I find it particularly useful in Little League battles, but increasing the speed of the monsters we use is equally important to have that first attack.

Thanks for the tipu curation my friend :)

Have a good day :)

top article, congratulations

This is a really good battle report. I learned a bit today. Thanks for sharing!