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This week in the Share Your Battle Challenge, one of the older beta collection tanks with self heal is highlighted. This is the Flesh Golem...

I like the Flesh Golem as a card for only 6 mana with a reasonable amount of health and self-heal and I actually use it quite often when playing the earth summoner in combination with extra heal from other cards. With the new system, I have been getting matched up with players who have maxed out cards a lot of the time since I have a lot of duplicate cards that boost my collection score. It's quite frustrating at times but on the other hand, also fun when beating them.

This match had the regular rules And I played the Flesh Golem as my main tank with Tripple Heal. The Failed Summoner fitted well in 2nd position to protect the Screeching Vulture gain some extra health while both the Tortisian Chief and Wood Nymph provided full health to the Flesh Golem. The Earth Elemental in the last place also had self-healing in the hope my opponent wouldn't play a heavy sneak deck.

The match ended in a flawless victory as my opponent who mainly tried to attack my frontline was unable to break the ultra heal. I guess it's a good lesson as he played 1 inactive card in 2nd place and 1 sneak card. You really need to focus your strategy around something specific in order to win especially if you are up against self-healing monsters.

Full Battle Replay

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Thank you for your Fleshy Challenge and Battle Challenge history. And also interesting to see your monthly earning report links.



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Fantastic lineup.
It seems that your opponent had a strong team with some gold foil cards but still failed to kill a single monster pf your team.
Well fought.
Keep on fighting.