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This week the card that is considered one of the worst in the game in terms of power is being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge This is the Rusty Android...

I have been complaining a lot about Splinterlands as of late because facts show that it has gone full Pay-2-Win (See Has Splinterlands Gone Pay2Win?) which takes away all the fun about the game at the moment. The challenge this week perfectly proves my point as I was able to win the first match I played with the Rusty Android (which nobody ever uses because it's so bad) with a flawless victory. This win did not come because I'm that good, but just because the opponent was a total mismatch having only a level 1 summoner. Basically, I paid more and the game handed the win to me which is not fun for me and even worse for the opponent.

The thing that worries me the most is that nobody is talking about this balance issue. All that is focussed on, is the land sale and the rewards while the prime focus should be on making the game as fun and addictive as possible. Anyway, on to the battle

So the only game rule that is really viable for the Rusty Android is when No ranged monsters are allowed. This makes it so that the opponent is highly likely to play magic attack which will get reflected. Add in a heal and the Rusty Android might actually do some damage. I Opted for the Life Summoner because of the Crystal Werewolf to reduce magic damage. My golden Furious Chicken was played first to absorb some damage since the Rusty Android only has 2 speed which makes it a bad card to play in first spot. The Prismatic Energy added on the reflect while the Silvershield Assassin was in the line-up to do some solid sneak damage. The Divine Healer helped to provide some healing and that's about it.

So yes, an easy win without opposition and I'm not sure where to go with Splinterlands at the moment as it has purely become a Play-2-Earn grind. I still have hope things will get fixed and don't want to throw the towel just yet. Right now I'm thinking of taking a break from playing renting my entire collection of leveled up cards out to someone doing somewhere around a 50/50 reward split.

Full Battle Replay

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For now, I will continue to offer a win-win deal to everyone who tries out the game using my Referral Link. I am having a hard time to recommend the game to anyone anymore though unless to those that just want to see the game as a gimmick in order to potentially earn something. See Full Sign-Up Deal. This might be the last month I'm offering it this extensively as it takes me quite some time to lease out all the cards.
To see what can be expected in terms of earnings from the Splinterlands game, check my monthly earnings reports.

To understand what the game is about and how it can be played check the video below!

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.


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Poor Rusty Android noneone understands him, live a rusty life is hard hahaha.