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This week is the first time a Legendary card is being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge This is the Scale Doctor...

I was surprised to see I actually had a Level 1 Scale Doctor in my collection earned from one of the Untamed packs I managed to get from the daily quests or season rewards. I honestly never played it so far and never really had it on top of my list of cards to get at a higher level. It is a monster more centered around defense with only 1 ranged attack. Especially at level 4 it has some really powerful abilities. My personal playstyle is more offensive-minded with plenty of Melee Monsters.

Taking a win right now on my 2nd account with any card no matter what level it is as is quite easy because I still get matched most times against rather weak opponents.
My focus in this match was on reducing my opponent his attach playing the Camila Sungazer Summoner (-1 Melee Attack which won me the match) and the Naga Windmaster (-1 Ranged attack). The Spineback Turtle was my first-row tank, followed by the Medusa to benefit from the heavy hitters game rule. The Ruler Of The Seas is pretty much a must include water summoner card in every deck. In the last places, I put the Scale Doctor to give all my other monsters +1 Health and the Golden Furious Chicken to block sneak attacks.

It was a rare game these days that was evenly matched. This is pretty much what the game needs to be a real game instead of just a pay2win reward grinding scheme.

Full Battle Replay

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Thanks for sharing.

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He just ended up being a big phat sneak soak!

You've got the wrong final screen capture!

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Thanks for pointing out the mistake, fixed it!

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Interesting three monsters attacking Scale doctor hahaha, that kind of strategies are interesting, died but support the team on the battlefield.