One Card to Rule Them All - Splinterlands Tips, Tricks, and Tactics #74

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Welcome to the newest video of the Splinterlands tips, tricks, and tactics! In the last video, I have shared with you a battle in which I have lost like a champ... This time, I will do the same... Maybe it will ruin my already bad Splinterlands reputation (lol), but I have already similarly lost 2-3 times... All that means, that the strategy with this card works, so if you have a chance to use it, you should do it...

The battle didn't last too long, as my opponent had only ONE card, against 6 cards that I have been using... But, this time, the quantity wasn't important as the quality on the other side...

Check out the video for more details... ;)

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Sorry for your loss in the battle but I had to laugh at you saying, "thorns, dead"

Hydra was interesting choice for battle with reverse speed rule. Normally I would think that it has too much speed for this rule.

Nice tips! Thank you!

"One card to rule them all" - for me that's Yodin Zaku.

I was extremely lucky to have got him when opening up my very first untamed pack and I didn't realise how lucky I was at the time. I haven't opened up any more untamed packs since then, and I have one saved that I purchased before they were all sold. Here's hoping for a bit more luck when I decide to open it!