Cheapest Way to Upgrade/Max Out Your Splinterlands Cards

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Cheapest Way to Max Out Your Splinterlands Cards

With the launch of Splinterlands IOS app, I anticipate a lot of new users coming aboard and joining in on the fun.

So in this post, I'll outline a simple strategy to consider if you have cards you want to fully upgrade for the lowest cost option.


6 Cards to Upgrade...


Buying Options...


In the example above you see two choices to upgrade the Elemental Phoenix based on what is currently available on the market.


  1. Buy 6x single cards: $18 x 6 cards = $108
  2. Buy maxed out card and sell current card: $60 - ($5 x 5 cards = $25) = $35

So in other words, if you're looking for a maxed out card you have the option to save $73 dollars with the same end result.

The risk of course is the time it takes for your original Elemental Phoenix to sell, which is why I would recommend pricing it at or below the lowest market price. But, if you are patient and willing to undercut, you have a lot of room before paying the $73 premium would make any sort of sense.

Splinterlands MC = 10.5m

Lately Splinterlands value has been rapidly increasing. Using this strategy is the best way to maximize the value of your deck and pay reasonable prices for cards.

I suspect that if enough people take the lower priced fully maxed out cards off the market, the single value cards will be much closer to the value of the fully combined cards.

Some people may even choose to burn cards by combining cards that are cheaper to buy in this manner that may have a couple more cards than they need, but cheaper to buy in bulk.

Either way, liquidity in the SPT card market means cards will burn and become more scarce. Most NFTs serve no purpose and since they are popular right now I think Splinterlands has a bright future ahead.


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Hi @cryptoknight12
I must say I don't know anything about this game. I've never played it, but I know it's in high demand, I know many people who play it, and I think it's great, although I don't participate.
Maybe someday I'll decide to do some research.

Nice math lesson indeed. You do need the patience to sell a card ;) I lack patience. Anyways, I'm looking for blockchain game posts to upvote. If they hit the hive post channel in the discord I'll upvote: