Pacifist Strategy FTW

in Splinterlands2 months ago (edited)

I am a newbie in Splinterlands and I just recently discovered this game.
I accidentally discovered this strategy which I call Pacifist.

I was using my mobile to play the game and I was unable to read the skills and talents of my cards.

The battle involved, I think, only 10 mana so I naturally selected the card Warrior of Peace, with high HP and supported by the Divine Healer. See even the name is sooooo pacifist!

Warrior of Peace

high hp.JPG

Divine Healer


With the Warrior on the front and the healer at the back, I entered the battle arena.

My enemy is a lone Elven Defender with ridiculously high armor and HP with strong melee attack.

Round 1 started with my Warrior activating its debuff of reducing 1 melee damage of the Elven Defender. The enemy attacks but only able to remove 1 HP from my Warrior of Peace. The healer replenishes back the HP keeping the Warrior of Peace at 9 HP at the end of the round.

elven def.JPG

This is when I realized that my frontliner has no attack ability! Because for the nth round, we just had a repeat of attack from the Eleven Defender, the Warrior of Peace trying to evade the attack and the Divine Healer healing the HP of my Warrior.

I thought it will end in a draw because I have encountered battles where the result was a draw.

Lo and behold, there is also such a thing as fatigue which is a good game mechanics because due to fatigue, the HP of the enemy card went down and I ended up winning the match even without aggression.

That is why I called this "Pacifist" Strategy. A strategy to win without fighting.

Here's the link of the battle if you want to watch: