Win 200 DEC and see who Won last giveaway

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I will now be giving away 200 DEC on post both Steemit and Hive. I will pick one winner from the people that enter on either post. I hope that soon I will be able to give away more. Now it is time to see who won the last giveaway on steem or on hive? Here We go

The Winner is...

20210215 21_50_18Window.png

@monsterbuster congrats enjoy the DEC

20210215 21_51_09Window.png

To enter just tell me you would like to win. Or anything about the game or your account.

This time you can win.

200 DEC

Include your username for the game if it is different from your account.


I would like to win. Thanks.

I would love to win!

i need some win lols.

@tipu curate

I would like to be the next winner for 200 DEC.

@giemo I would like to win. Really appreciate those giveaways since I'm a new player

Thank you

Winning is always nice, have a nice day!

I would like to win @leonardohwang

I would like 200 dec.

I would like to win

Congrats @monsterbuster!

I would like to win and appreciate all the content/ giveaways that you host!

I want to win.

Sure, I'll enter for free DEC :D

I would love to win some DEC. Maybe, I can level up my summoners.