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RE: Splinterlands - Playerbase marketing level 0

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Shame on you, SPT marketing (you do know SPT has nothing to do with splinterlands currently)

As far as this statement -- Guaranteed income just for playing the game - More income if you get better cards and/or get better at the game!

You can't say "guaranteed income." You can offer prizes and let players decided how competitive they want to be (ie: what prize level they want to shoot for)

I don't agree with some of the decisions they have made lately BUT they are doing a great job AND bringing in NON crypto players to the game is a HUGE challenge/opportunity.

Disclaimer: I haven't had my coffee yet this morning.



I don't think anyone has had trouble understanding how I'm using SPT for a shortened version of the name "Splinterlands", though. Typing out "Splinterlands" a dozen times in the same post makes it look horrible.

You can't say "guaranteed income."

Yes, I can. Income is guaranteed. Even if you only drop $10 for the spellbook and play without buying anything else, you get income. I never said anything about how long it takes to meet ROI. Even not meeting ROI is acceptable since getting crypto income is very useful in general.

I use SL for splinterlands, SPT is usually a reference to a token aggroed made to be splinterlands blog site.

I know. I like SPT better though.