Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge: BEATRIX IRONHAND


Hello friends! The long-awaited SPS token airdrop has finally begun, with only a couple of days left until the end of the season, and I must say, I really like the new hero of the weekly Share Your Battle Challenge - the ruthless BEATRIX IRONHAND!

The card is relatively new, and my spouse and I were lucky enough to get one during the drop and are actively using it since we prefer the element of Earth. BEATRIX has a very interesting ability that gives melee cards to attack ranged positions, and the next levels open no less cool "additions" - thorns and cripple, but it's not easy to pump the card, because with the new prices it's quite expensive.

I use it most often on the last positions and in fights with medium mana, and it's especially good with WIZARD OF EASTWOOD, which deprives your opponent of shields, but in this fight I staked on its strong attacks and high speed, which made the chances of hitting your opponent noticeably smaller. On top of that, there was a Close Range rule in the battle, and if my first positions fell, there was a chance to end the battle with this card alone.

So, my power setup:

  • FLESH GOLEM, a powerful tank of the elemental Earth, with a good attack and the ability to restore damage
  • GOBLIN THIEF in second position for a quick attack on the enemy's rear (I love this tactic)
  • WOOD NYMPH on the third position to heal the tank and deal extra damage to the enemy's first position
  • finishes with the BEATRIX IRONHAND combo to enhance the attack on the enemy's first position, and, again, with a high chance of enemy misses.

The fight was long, but interesting, and the confrontation with FLESH GOLEM was just epic :)

Watch it on Splinterlands

And a Splintermeme for dessert:

See You on the battlefields of Splinterlands!

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