Last Unchesting of the Year! On a Silver Platter (badumtss!)!!

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Hello NoLifers!

What a nice way to end the year! With chests to open!

And I reached Silver III woohoo!


To celebrate, I bought a few packs and potions!

During the season I got a couple of good rewards from quests:

screenshotsplinterlands.com2020.12.3000_18_00.jpg screenshotsplinterlands.com2020.12.3000_17_27.jpg

Apologies in advance if my image is not synchronized with the voice, it's my camera playing lol

Enjoy the video!

And Happy New Year!!!

Open the chest below and come play with us!!


May the Force of the Fireball be with YOU!

CTP BP footer.png


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Nice loot chests!! Happy New Year!!! ~@clove71

Thank you so much, Chris!
Happy New Year 😁💜🎉

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