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Splinterlands & Hive on a potential 100k audience

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Today I saw an interview/review from dclblogger and friends about Splinterlands


This surprised me as I know him mostly from Decentraland (hence the DCL) and the Ethereum community.

This is great news for the Hive and Splinterlands community.

DCLblogger info:

3.18 k Followers on Youtube which is not massive but he is very niche, just like the NFT space
10.7 k followers on Twitter which is a lot better and growing.


The main thing here is that he has a monthly NFT show on Nuggets News with Alex Saunders which now has over 100k subs on youtube.

The reason I am excited about this is due to the fact that during the video (which was a bit chaotic) you could see them becoming fans or at least believers.

The interview:

They usually do interviews/reviews on ETH based games and have mostly come away disappointed about the gameplay that is possible on the ETH chain right now. The initial launch and the financial aspect of most of the ETH based games are cool but the fees make it hard to run a game efficiently. Eth2 might change all that but that still remains to be seen.

They are very knowledgable about how the ETH games work but like most ETH fans seemed to just discard most other things as non-relevant.

They did some research and you could tell they were impressed a bit but still did not see half of what this game does. When @aggroed came on he just blew them away with all the features and possibilities that HIVE offers and that Splinterlands users just take for granted.

The questions were on point and in-depth but the answers were always more then they expected and you could see them becoming more and more intrigued by the minute.

The potential effect

So if they do start playing and experimenting a bit I would say that this is going to be at least mentioned on the Nugget podcast and put the game in front of a massive 100000 people audience.

The biggest thing for me though is opening their eyes to the possibilities that other blockchains have to offer and the quality that Splinterlands brings to both players and investors.

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