Splinterlands continuously punishes everyone who didn't use bots

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Just think about it

When reward cards were introduced, there were no loot boxes. Every single pull was an actual card. But because of botters farming them, they had massively lowered rewards by introducing loot boxes. Most of the time, you'd now get cards instead of dec.

Let's just pretend rewards haven't been continuously decreased over time because of botters. Let's just focus on the latest promise: you now have to own a collection of X value to rank up. That's the worst possible penalty for newcomers. But we're not talking about newcomers and how they are getting screwed up their ass.

Some of the same few botters who used to farm a ton of cards have been simply holding them. So with this latest promised update, guess what? They are not affected. They will continue farming rewards without a problem at the cost of everyone else.

Why have my rewards been lowered? Because accounts can get to diamond using level 1 cards. But that's only possible because just a few people are running bots on THAT MANY accounts! I am not one of them, but my rewards were lowered.

I bought cards before “lv1 to diamond” was possible

Back when there weren't many bots, I bought a lv2 phoenix that helped me get to gold 2. It was that much harder, fun and rewarding.

Developers decided to allow botting, so I had to adjust. Because rewards were lowered, I decided to sell many beta cards. It was more profitable to get many summoner cards in different accounts instead, even if it was a lot less fun.

Now I'm supposed to adapt again and get fewer rewards than ever before — because no matter what happens, botting is always allowed. Am I going to buy cards to climb? No. Because I'll get a lot less rewards even if I do.

Buying cards is generally not worth it anymore. Spending less to get started and just wait for good (gold) reward cards is the way to go since we can just trade them for tournament cards instead. That means less market activity. Lessened game longevity. Fewer reasons to get into the game. More reasons to get out while it's still high.

By the way, do you think any of the early botters will have problems meeting the “collection score” requirement? They won't suffer. Everyone else will. Specially newcomers.

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