Splinterlands Battle With an Amazing Monster. Flame Smith/Ferox.

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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah.

In my todays post I'm going to explain one of my battles of splinterlands. I've played this match using a fire monster named "FLAMESMITH". The FLAMESMITH is a common fire monster with the ability of range attack. It is a dice card which costs 7 mana to use it in battles. The SHATTER ability of this card makes it so powerful even when it is in it's first level. Also when it reaches level 6, it gains another amazing ability named REPAIR.




Screenshot (256).png

I'm posting this to join the weekly curation contest of SHARE YOUR BATTLE challenge arranged by @splinterlands. To join this contest, you'll need to create a post about @splinterlands and post it on hive blockchain. After posting it in hive blockchain you'll need to share it also in on any social media. After that you'll need to comment both of your hive link and social media link in the comment section of their announcement post of this contest. I'm also giving the link of their announcement post of this contest bellow.

Link To Contest


My Balttle

Screenshot (252).png

My Battle Link:


My Lineup:

Screenshot (253).png

I've used CERBERUS in front because of it's healing ability and then I used Fines Rage in second position because it has strong melee attacking ability, enough life and also the reach ability to attack from second position. Then I used FURIOUS CHICKEN in third position. Then I used my cards with sneak and opportunity ability. And in the end I used the theme card of this contest. THE FLAME SMITH. This card is really amazing with ability. @splinterlands has also asked about me using it often in battles. No, I didn't. Because I only brought it yesterday after I saw the announcement post of this contest. Before that I didn't knew about the card. But from yesterday to now. I've used it so many times and I really like it now. I didn't used it in my past battles, but I'm sure about that I'll use it in my future battles.

Screenshot (254).png

My Strategy:

My plan was, my first two monsters will stand and attack while my other monster with sneak, opportunity and range attacking ability will finish the battle. Having THE FLAME SMITH was so helpful to see my strategy work well. Specially with it's ability of distroying the shield. My strategy worked and I won the battle.

That's all for today.

I guess that you liked both my post and battle. See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay sound. Also if you are not on splinterlands, than you can use my refer link to join.

My Refer Link To Splinterlands:


Thanks For Reading My Post.


@tipu curate

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It seems you really liked the Flamesmith and yeah I'm also thinking like that.
Have you tried this monster with Yodin Zaku?

I don't own Yodin Zaku.

Thanks for the Battle Challenge!

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