SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! -- Beatrix Ironhand

here comes Beatrix
to be sincere i don't like the name but this doll is beautiful as she is great in combat
i read on a comment that she would be even more challenging if instead of an axe , a boomerang could fly on our screens every time she attacks
what a gorgeus idea
just imagine not only Beatrix but every range-attack monster to use its own weapon on battlefield
Splinterlands devs please write down this idea


Beatrix Ironhand is an Earth Splinter defender
she 's a Princess and according to rumors she never surrenders
a range-attack fighter with the 'close range' ability from lvl 1 is a considerable difficult opponent
if you decide to upgrade the card to lvl 3 you get the 'thorns' ability which makes Beatrix even deadlier

her attack power is 2 points in lvl 1 which is not small and she is very fast
excellent warrior for those players like to hit always first
if i can come up with a CON here i would say she costs a lot in mana points
she will consume 6 points of your mana so it is not so easy to play with her
lets have a look on her stats



you can click on the following link to see my battle in which i used Beatrix Ironhand
Beatrix Ironhand's battle


it was a very interesting battle
to be precise if it wasn't i wouldn't have used this one to get to the challenge
the rules were very legendary cards allowed plus all cards were loosing their abilities

so the only boost you could get was coming from the summoner
the monsters had no abilities at all
is Beatrix a good choice for a fight like that?
i wanna be sincere with you, the answer is NO
the major ability of Beatrix is that she has the ability to fight in the first place if it is necessary
by loosing this special ability you almost lose half of the power of this card

the reason i used Beatrix in this battle is because i was too low in speed with my other picks and i needed some more attack power and speed
i found these in Beatrix so i forgot the fact that she was a bit crippled by the rules

by the way i used the Earth Splinter in this fight cause i wanted desperately to finish my quest, there is no other reason for getting the Green Splinter , i could have played a different one
the battle was 34 mana cap so i had plenty of 'room' to built my team

as Summoner i picked Mylor Crowling


this is an extremely useful Summoners
if there are any newbies reading this post, you have to listen to me and go buy a Mylor from the market in case you don't own one
it is a very handy Summoner and adds power to your team cause it provides the thorns ability to all friendly monsters

i use the gold foil edition of him ( not mine, he is delegated to me)
right now the common foil is traded for $11 which is a high price imo


now lets try to get to the battle and give you some details about my team
as a tank i choose my Flesh Golem,the reason why is that no matter th healing ability was lost ,i could use the 10 life points for low mana consumption...the Golem is a very smart tank with only 6 mana points cost

second place furious chicken, i hope you understand i picked the chicken last ,i just placed it in the second place just to give my other monster some space to move in case the Golem was killed

third place the Mushroom Seer , 2 points on magic attack is good enough for 5 mana points consumption

in the fourth place it was time for the Sporcerer, his 2 points of magic attack would be very useful butat this point i realized that my team speed was a bit low
it is not a good thing to fight last in queue
this can cause you serious trouble
so i needed monsters which would fight first in line

that's why i got Beatrix in 5th place, her massive 3 points range attack accompanied by her great speed was exactly what i needed
and as a combo attack i got Mitica in sixth place...very fast creature with a massive 4 points of range attack
Mitica and Beatrix were the heroes of this battle ...i'm positive that if i hadn't used this combo attack i would have lost this battle

  • Flesh Golem lvl 3
  • Furious Chicken lvl 2
  • Mushroom Seer lvl 1
  • Sporcerer lvl 1
  • Beatrix Ironhand lvl 2
  • Mitica Headhunter lvl 1

chicken 130.jpg | mushroom130.jpg | sporcerer130.jpg | beatrix130.jpg | mitica130.jpg

fleshgolem gold130.jpg


it was a nice battle and i encourage you to watch it
you will see the power of Beatrix and Mitica together in action
i won the battle of course and 59 precious DEC added in my account balance


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